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Cordoba Cathedral

The cathedral from the side

Cathedral detail

Domes of Santa Domingo

Parroquia Sagrado Corazon de Jesus de los Capuchinos

Roof of Scared heart

Doorway of Sacred Heart

Nice to be in a city again. The highlights are usually the natural world, but I do like a bit of a city, and Cordoba is a very nice one. And it is sunny, for the first time for a while. So after sorting myself out in my very central hotel, I just generally wondered around, eventually finding a cinema showing Harry Potter subtitled rather than dubbed, so I went to see that, most enjoyable.

24th Nov: Today is culture day, haven't done that since Buenos Aires, and it is nice to do every now and then, spiritually refreshing I find. Saying that, the other kind of culture here is a culture of youth and beauty. The place is heaving with young and beautiful people, I assure you I fit right in. But back to proper culture that lasts: I have come to realise that something being on the World Heritage List usually means its worth a visit - and that even includes Bath - so I went to see the local World Heritage stuff, a block of old Jesuit buildings. Well renovated and extremely grand and beautiful inside, not ones for spiritual poverty, these Jesuits. Possibly even nicer though, was the City's Cathedral, beautifully and completely painted inside, in an almost art nouveau kind of way.

Then some lunch, a haircut, and a couple of art galleries, and on the way this wonderful neo-gothic church. I did see advertised though, Argentinas first naturist marathon...doesn't bare too much thinking about...and an energy drink called Speed Unlimited, straight to the point at least. And then off to the bus station for my last Argentine bus, my last night bus, indeed my last bus on this trip...but I don't think I will miss them too much.

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