Shortly after we arrived we added two states to our map









Trees that died in the storm are carved, beautiful works of art...




Chewy loves to get his hair cut for springtime warm weather

Chewy clipped and feeling good about it

Bambi is up for the hair cut

Bambi likes having short hair

Dwight and Stella next door, feed the squirrels peanuts,

Yum, Yum

Raw peanuts are the best

We arrived at the Keesler AFB FAMCAMP in a deluge of rain. The FAMCAMP was more than full, we spent the first three nights in "dry camping". For the non-RV'rs, that is when there is no connections, i.e., no water, electric, sewer. A space came open that we took and will be in that space till we leave. We found this FAMCAMP to be well run, clean and friendly. It's not actually on base but on annexed land about two miles away.

A couple days later we took a trip down the coast highway, Hwy-90 to view damage from hurricane Katrina. We are astonished at the amount of damage still visible. We hear also that many communities are having problems getting fed funds to cleanup and restore their towns. Homeowners are still getting the runaround from insurance companies, etc, etc... Pretty sad to see all the damage. You'll notice the pics that we took some of driveways and sidewalks that go nowhere. That's what struck us the most, someones home stood where the sidewalk leads. You'll also see the pics of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico and the rainbow of colors in the clouds.

Lastly, we are visited each day by several little squirrels who are fed peanuts by the couple next door.

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