One morning we took off to find Stone Mountain. We climbed it,...

A rose amongst flowers!

View towards Atlanta area.

Dave and Cinnamon framing the cliff wall carving.

They sought to honor the Confederacy leaders, Davis, Lee and Jackson

We're glad for our good health and strong bodies that allow us...



another day we went to the wonderful Georgia Aquarium, downtown Atlanta. We...

Beautiful seahorses

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention something about the daisy's in...

Here's an explanation about them.

Our daisy

We purposely circled back to this area to spend some time with our oldest son David and his wife Cinnamon just prior to their leaving for assignment in Germany. We got 5 great quality days with them. The following is alittle about what we did together.

We stayed at the Atlanta South RV Park just off I-75, south of the city. As it turnsout, we're only 23 miles from the kids hotel near the airport. Not a bad little jaunt considering the circumstances. One day we went to Stone Mountain Park, where we saw the huge rock carving on the sheer cliff. The carving is meant to honor the Confederacy leadership of Davis, Lee and Jackson and covers 53 acres in area, it is so big you can put two of our coaches on the back of General Lee's horse! The rock formation itself spreads out for 10 miles in all directions outward and 10 miles deep! That's a big rock.

Another day we went to the famous Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. It was the first time we'd gone there. This aquarium comes highly recommended by all who have seen it, now we know why! The tanks and displays were stunning.

An so after several nice days of hanging with the kids, they got on a jet and flew to Germany. Their terrific people and we hope they will have a "Big Adventure" of their own. Good Luck !

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