We saw a huge train yard in Alliance, Nebraska with trains all...

We saw them for miles...all filled to the brim with coal..

It was a pleasant drive, almost had the road to ourselves..




I spotted this old car in a wheat!

Our only traffic problem all day....not bad!! :-)

Another cool one...

Last one before it started to rain, will put the site picture...

We had a smooth 225 mile travel day with no problems. We have safely arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota. We are all set up and ready to let the fun begin, we will be here for a little over two weeks. The last time we were in South Dakota we stayed closer to Custer State Park so we could explore it many times. This time we picked a new area about 100 miles north to explore. It should be fun seeing all the new places.

Our drive took us through the town of Alliance, Nebraska. We were surprised to see so many trains in the area filled to the brim with coal. We have never seen so much coal in one place. The rest of the drive was filled with miles of corn and beautiful wheat fields and huge bails of hay. We felt like we had the road almost to ourselves until we got into a bit of traffic behind a slow moving, very wide, tractor. :-) Not bad for the only complaint of the day.

Our only stop for the day was for lunch at Taco John’s for a few minutes. We are glad to be here and set up in one place for a few weeks, we also have awesome Wi-Fi....yippee! We can’t wait to start exploring, check back later for more from South Dakota.

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