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Crossing the Kenai River, Mt Redoubt in the right rear

Mt. Redoubt peeking above the smoke layer over the Cook Inlet

Mt. Redoubt is across the Inlet from us, the blue dot

Photo from our driver's side rear view mirror

Our photo from 2017 of Mt. Redoubt, the Volcano

Tow truck arrived instead of a Low Bed Truck

They have to disconnect the drive shaft to tow it.

Three hour tow from Soldotna to Anchorage.

We are following our coach in our Honda







Overturned pickup truck

Good Samaritans helping



Girdwood looking towards Anchorage


Wrong delivery address


Getting help backing down the curved driveway.

Today we left Kenai to travel to Seward (one side of the Kenai Peninsula to the other) about a two hour drive. As we passed through Soldotna, the next city over in less than a ½ hour of leaving, we pulled over to allow our companions to catch up after being caught by a traffic light. Started up to go again, heard a clunk, lost momentum. Luckily, we were right at a side street, so we coasted/rolled onto that street. No gears forward or reverse so assumed it was the transmission again.

Told the others to go ahead to Seward, called around and found a truck repair place in Anchorage that is authorized to work on Allison Transmissions. Called Good Sam for a rescue. I specifically requested a “low-bed” truck NOT a tow truck. Several hours later a big hook tow truck shows up. I’m freaking out, call Good Sam back and they said he was the only tow company in their “system” in the area. I reiterated the need for a low bed due to our length and weight and previous damage from a tow truck; but she stood her ground, Good Sam Policy. The tow driver was old, had a bad back, had to call someone from his garage to come help him disconnect our drive shaft.

While traveling the three hours to Anchorage we noticed the front tires of the motorhome were no longer pointed straight ahead. This had been caused by the front tires hitting the ground because of bumps on the highway because the coach was too long and heavy for the tow truck. We were forced to drive frantically around in front of him and force him to pull over to the side of the highway and make him straighten the wheels and tie off the steering wheel to prevent this from happening again. He also pulled our coach up higher and closer to his truck to lift our front end higher above the highway.

Along the highway there was an accident with a pickup truck on it's side on the side of the road. People had stopped and were helping. Our tow driver pulled off the road and walked back to see if there was anything he could do to help. They had it covered.

As we neared the repair facility in Anchorage our GPS in the car said turn left and he turned right. He did pull over and we went to find out why he stopped. He had to adjust something because of some tight turns coming up. We asked if he had the right address because our GPS says it’s the other way. Grumpy old man said he has been there before, knows where he’s going.

We get to a building that is higher than the street, uphill driveway, small parking lot. The Service Writer I spoke to said we could stay overnight in the cul-de-sac of their street. This doesn’t look right. No cul-de-sac. There is a “For Sale or Lease” sign in front of this empty building. The driver was trying to call the company, using their 800 number and can’t get through the menu. I had a direct number for the Service Writer, found out that this was their OLD building, gave the driver the new address (that we had). Pacific Power Group sent someone over quickly to help. He needed help now backing down the curved driveway, and lead us to the correct location.

This backing down the curved driveway may be when the very expensive driver's side rear-view mirror was damaged. The tow driver said they would pay for that. Oh, also the bar underneath in front that holds the generator is bent, possibly from the tow truck equipment trying to pull us closer and higher in front.

It was now 7 p.m. The Service Mgr. stayed past his shift to help us. We spent the night in the street, and they will get a tow truck to pull us into a bay in the morning.

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