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Airbus 330/340

The Sky

Little India, where I'm staying :-)

Dunlop Street - my home

Tempel for the god Hindu Kali

Priest getting ready to serve the public

She's a beauty

This friendly guy (and his parot) told me I will live forever...

Singapore, with a little thunder in the air

Tall and mighty buildings everywhere

Art about the old Singapore

Clarke Quay

Asian Art house, old British building

Looking down the river

Old merchantmen

The Fullerton, also the old Grand Post Office

New and Old

Still don't know what that building is.. Maybe a concert hall?

The "Merlion" of Singapore


Old entrance to the city


Unusual buildings...

Mega shopping, you can get lost in these malls. Not kidding

Almost like home

Sentose Island beach view...


Singapore Containerhabour

Anyone need a Pilot?

Big, big habour

It's just enormous

"Close-up" shot from the Carlsberg Sky Tower on Sentose Island

I like this angle

Big fish..

Real Nautil

Angle fish. It's not a fish but a sea-snail

You see the "wings"?

Shark with company

Hologram of Great White Shark

I found Nemo

Two more!

Shark eggs

Sunset over Sentose Island

jumping pink dolphin

High-speed action

Pretty high jump...

Night-time laser and water show

Laser show

3D and 4D laser show.. Impressive

More laser


Some fire

Evil eyes

Hello :-)

Singapore at last.

It's so good to see something alltogether different after such a long time in New Zealand & Australia.

After the 4,5 hour flight to Singapore I found a nice hostel in Little India, a very very cozy part of town. I have been nusy exploring Singapore and expect to be done in a few days. I am also planning my trip through Malaysia at the moment so I am not bored..

Feel free to send an email, I'll write back when I find the next computer ;-)

Enjoy all the photos, and be sure to see the fishing video from Darwin, it's pretty cool.



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