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National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

A view of the cantilevered benches during the day

Remembering IT2 Kris Bishundat, USN

Benches at night

Flight 93 Memorial in 2009

One of the two memorial fences

Some of the mementoes left by visitors

The flag marks the "hallowed ground" of the Flight 93 crash site

Flight 93 "Angels"

Driving to the site

New Visitors Entrance to Flight 93 Memorial in 2011

Walkway and Memorial Wall under construction

Sue and Pop at Temporary Memorial Building in 2011

Memorial to the Flight 93 crew in Shenksville

Pilot and Co-pilot - crew members are pictured on other sides

Made out of steel from the World Trade Center

Flight 93 Memorial Chapel in Shenksville

New entrance to the Flight 93 Memorial in 2013

New visitors entrance to memorial area

Walkway from the entrance to the Memorial Wall

Recesses in the walkway wall are convenient for visitor's mementoes

Approaching the Memorial Wall

"Hallowed Ground" of the Flight 93 crash site marked by a boulder

Flight 93 Memorial Wall with the names of the passengers and crew...

Entrance to the National September 11 Memorial Museum in NYC - 2014

Blue wall inside the Museum, behind it are the unidentified remains from...

The Great Hall in the Museum with the last remaining beam

September in the 2016 Heritage Foundation calendar

Sunset in Rhode Island - 9/11/2016

Today was the 15th Anniversary of a day that many say changed America. I sure most of us old enough to remember know where we were when we first heard about the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon or in that field near Shenksville in western Pennsylvania. Despite the passing years since September 11, 2001, it remains as important as ever that we continue to come together to remember and honor the victims and our shared history.

In our travels we have visited all of the hallowed sites that played a role in the events of the day. We first visited the Flight 93 Memorial in 2009 on our Lincoln Highway Tour. At the time it was nothin more than a shed and some fences that people left mementoes to honor the passengers and crew of Fight 93. We've visited it 4 more times over the years and have watched the site develop into the nearly completed national memorial that it is now. The latest visit was at the beginning of this trip in June. Two years ago we ventured into NYC to visit the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. It was a moving experience. When we left the museum it was dark and I was able to get a picture of the 9/11 Memorial pool with the museum and skyline in the background. Little did I know that this picture would be selected by the Heritage Foundation for the September page of their 2016 calendar. I was honored. In 2009, we had a chance to visit the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial in Virginia while attending the 87th Infantry Division Legacy Association Annual Reunion. The memorial remembers the 184 people who died in the Pentagon and on Flight 77. Each is remembered with a cantilevered bench with their name, and a lighted pool of flowing water. Kind of plain by day, but impressive at night as each bench is lighted.

As we take time to remember what happened 15 years ago, I hope that the memories will not die with those that experienced it and that those memories are passed on to the generations that have been born since 2001.

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