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Carpe's at Eagle View RV

Costco 53" bear takes up most of the back seat

Sandi rassles 53" bear from car...

Carrying 53" bear takes a solid back

... and thru the coach door...

... and into the driver's chair

Tue, 09 Aug: Downhill, most of the way!

After almost a week "vegging" at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails it was time to "hit the road" again. We'd hoped that it'd be cooler at 3,000+ feet elevation, but it turns out that the difference is only a few degrees. So, down to the valley it is!

Sandi rolled wheels out of our site at 0837 and maneuvered Carpe thru the RV park and out to Arizona 260. Traffic was fairly heavy, so it took a while for it to clear so we could make a left turn onto the highway. We don't accelerate that quickely so pulling onto a 55-mph highway takes a lot of "clear".

A few miles east on AZ 260 to I 17 south. Verde Valley is, well, in a valley. That means when we entered I 17 we faced a long uphill grade. Carpe did fairly well, but she was in the truck lane to the top. The rest of the run to Phoenix's northern "burbs" was mostly downhill, sometimes as steep as 6%. Yet again we were thankful for our engine's compression brake which kept our downhill speed at a safe and manageable rate.

Once in Phoenix's northern section we transitioned to the 101 north loop eastbound. Traffic was post-rush hour which means there were no bottlenecks and the drivers were mostly blowing out the 65-mph speed limit by five to ten mph. We just moved along at our pace and exited the loop at Shea Boulevard. East on Shea to Arizona 87, and then north two miles to the Eagle View RV at Fort McDowell.

We arrived at Eagle View a minute or two after eleven and got checked in. Once on our spot, plugged in, levelled, and slides out the wind started to blow as a storm front moved thru. Lotsa wind and a bit of rain and it was over. The Phoenix area was experiencing storms and this was but one we got to enjoy. Also, we knew we were back in the Phoenix Valley as the temperatures approached triple digits by noon.

We'll be here a week as we work thru several Mayo Clinic tests and procedures. The RV park is only seven miles from Mayo's Shea facility so we hope it'll work out. Today's drive was an easy 112 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8¼ mpg.

Sat, 13 Aug: A busy week...

As mentioned, we are here in Fort McDowell to visit Mayo Clinic and get as many of our medical visits, tests, etc. behind us prior to leaving the country next month. We'll be gone five months so we hope to get a lot of preventative maintenance completed before we go.

The day we arrived Sandi had some blood drawn. Wednesday it was Bob's turn and he got to visit his docs at the Mayo Hospital. Thursday was Sandi's day as she had a sedated procedure that required Bob to fetch and tote her to and from the clinic. Having her bed fifteen minutes away from the clinic was a super advantage.

Yesterday, Friday, we got to shuttle back and forth as Bob had procedures at the hospital while Sandi's were at the clinic. Our little Focus got to make that round trip twice. Then, to top it off, Bob had an appointment at the clinic mid afternoon.

Which brings us to the weekend. We don't have any Mayo appointments, but we'll be visiting with Bill & Mindy Brandt, tablemates from our December Hawai`i cruise. They're full time Phoenix residents and we're meeting them tomorrow for lunch. It'll be great to visit and catch up.

Also yesterday we visited Costco and Sandi bought a 53" giant stuffed Teddy Bear. He's the largest in our collection by a few orders of magnitude and we're still figuring out just where he'll live. Meanwhile, he's commandeered the driver's chair...

Temperatures are warming up. As this is being written it is more than 100°F and it's just after noon. Our poor AC units are both working full time to keep us comfy...

Monday we'll continue our Mayo routine...

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