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Carpes at the Cadillac Wal*Mart

At last! Our bears have a viable business???

We took a "super slab" for a bit

Construction along US 131
Can they get those barrels any closer???

Thu, 06 Aug: Heading north...

After four restful days at the Thousand Trails Bear Cave RV park it is time to continue on our way. We picked up our mail, washed all our dirty duds, and got plenty of "vegging" out of the way. It's mosey time.

We got things ready for the road, got Carpe off all of her wood without mishap, connected the car, and rolled wheels a bit before nine. Sandi navigated the tree laden road and got us onto the county road without too much stress on our antennae. We weren't out of the woods (pun intended) quite yet, as the county road had a few low lying branches that needed watching.

Finally on US 31 north and in the open. A quick 18 miles to Benton Harbor Pilot/Flying J for a diesel fill. We'd not topped off Carpe since Walcott Iowa, so she gladly took the 66 gallons we fed her.

Back on the road, this time the interstate north and east to Grand Rapids. We ran into a construction delay that took us some time to navigate, but other than that the run was pretty routine. At Grand Rapids we transitioned to US 131 north toward Cadillac.

US 131 was busy, but there were no backups, even in the construction zones. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and pulled into the Cadillac Wal*Mart a few minutes before two. Today's distance was 196 miles with an overall fuel economy of 9⅓ mpg.

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