2014 Cross Country 2 travel blog

Today's route

The road out of Death Valley that we did not see on...


Crossing into Nevada -some tourists taking pictures at the state line

Big bovine in the desert at the state line welcoming you to...

Interesting white striations in the mountains

Cotton puffs in the sky as we head into Nevada

You know you are in Nevada when...

All you would want to eat plus a Cat House at the...

Area 51 Alien Center has the bar & grill and cat house

World's largest firecracker M-800 - water tank for the fireworks store sprinkler...



US 95 leads straight to Las Vegas

Las Vega skyline in the distance

Vintage neon at the Hitchin' Post

Pet door in the side of a 5th wheel

Winnie at the Hitchin' Post

We left the dark skies of death Valley for the bright lights of Las Vegas this morning. Not much exciting on the trip to Vegas. A couple of roadside attractions and a lot of windshield shots of the mountains and clouds along the route. Worth mentioning in Amargosa Valley is the desert truck stop with an extraterrestrial makeover. It's a gas station and convenience store with a pink brothel around back. The wholesome looking Alien Bar & Grill in the rear of the store doubles as a topless bar at night. According to Roadside Attractions web site, the brothel, "Alien Cathouse," bills itself as the only themed brothel in the U.S. and free tours are offered by its friendly staff, who say that the Cathouse's most frequently requested fantasy outfit is Princess Leia.

I think we'll be in Las Vegs for an overnighter to do some grocery shopping and try to get some of Sue's prescriptions filled. We're staying at the Hitchin' Post Motel and RV Park in North Las Vegas. It's crowded and the spaces are tight, but it has a nice laundry which is where I am spending some of tonight. If we need to stay another day, we may move down to the the Oasis where we stayed a couple of years ago.

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