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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Woke to another beautiful morning. Mornings have been 54⁰-59⁰ with afternoons reaching 75⁰-80⁰. Strong winds have been blowing yesterday and today. The other “B” neighbor knocked on our door this morning and introduced herself. Jim & Mary are from Nova Scotia. They purchased their PleasureWay this spring and were doing several short trips to prepare for wintering in the south. They sold their house and plan to live full time in their PW Plateau. As much as we love our PW we could not imagine living in it full time. It is wonderful for an extended trip of 2-3 months but longer than that may be too much togetherness. We have a wide-body PW which gives us more room to move around. Theirs lacks the extra width. I felt a bit claustrophobic when I went in. We’ll just stick with our tin can. We talked to Mary & Jim for about an hour, sharing tips and learning what to see along the south coast since they just traveled that area.

We headed south with our first stop at Peggy’s Cove. This is a picturesque fishing community of 33 residents on St. Margaret’s Bay. The coast was formed by huge piles of granite dropped by melting glaciers. Years of wind, salt and erosion have shaped the rocks to looks like beached whales. There are granite masses sprinkled throughout the village.

A lighthouse sets at the tip of the cove. The homes are what you expect to see in a coastal fishing village. A few shops cater to the tourists. Several tour buses were there during our visit, cars were constantly cruising looking for an open parking spot. The rock formations are so massive that it wasn’t crowded with several hundred people roam over them. Many daredevils were jumping between and around the rocks. We took it one step at a time.

A woman was playing the accordion by the lighthouse when we arrived. Soon she was drowned out by a kilted bagpiper. She packed up her accordion and left when he started playing. Both were playing for tips. We visited St. Johns Anglican Church in Peggy’s Cove. It was built in 1893 in the historic Carpenter Gothic style. It is designated as an historic site. Services are held the second Sunday of each month. There are 5 active members of the congregation. They keep the church open for visitors during the week. The organist was serving as hostess when we visited. The building has beautiful stained glass windows and two paintings by local artist William deGarthe. deGarthe sculpted the Fishermen’s Monument in a granite block the glacier placed in his yard.

We headed out again following the coast on Route 3. We stopped at a small café for a snack and never went inside. Locals Liz & Vince admired our PW as we drove into the parking lot. We spent an hour showing the PW, trading travel info and discussing the state of the Canadian socialized medicine program. They are not fans. She has been treated for lung cancer and fears being denied care if symptom reoccur/spread since she is older. After they left we decided it was too late for a snack and would wait until dinner.

Drove into Mahone Bay, another picturesque fishing village. The bay was full of sailboats. The historic building were painted very lively colors. Made me happy just to look at them. From Mahone Bay we set off for Lunenburg. Found a nice level spot with full hookup in their municipal camp ground when we arrived a bit after 6 PM. Found that everything in town was closed except for restaurants. Found another gem for dinner. Decided upon the Grand Banker after reading their menu. They were packed but only waited a half hour – well worth the wait. Tom said his meal was the best scallops of the trip. My chicken club & salad were delicious.

No trouble getting to sleep after such a long day.

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