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Carpe boondocking at Rock Springs Home Depot

Wyoming 34 took us thru beautiful country

Morton Pass on WY 34 at 7,200'

Driving south on Wyoming 13 toward I 80

We passed thru historic Ft. Laramie

Fueling a locomotive must cost more than our RV

Interstate 80 thru south central Wyoming

Interstate 80 thru south central Wyoming

Interstate 80 thru south central Wyoming

Interstate 80 thru south central Wyoming

Interstate 80 thru south western Wyoming

We cross the Continental Divide west of Red Desert

I 80 rises to 7,880 ' in south western Wyoming

Tunnel cuts out a great deal of hill climbing

Wed, 10 Sep: Moving west ahead of the snow...

Snow in September? Yup, that's what the forecast for southern Wyoming is saying, and we tend to heed such dire predictions. Instead of taking another two or three days to reach Ogden Utah, we'll make today a long day and try to beat this weather system. We were ready to leave even without the dire weather forecasts as the RV park is right next to a railroad main line and the incessant whistles were beginning to get on our nerves. OK, we have wheels under our house, let's roll 'em!

We got Carpes ready to roll and Bob released the parking brakes at 0810. We continued west on US 26 thru the historic town of Ft. Laramie. West of Guernsey we transitioned to I 25 south to Wyoming Route 34. WY 34 took us up and thru some pretty impressive hills including Morton Pass at 7,200' Our turbocharged Cummins took the hills (both up and down) with aplomb, with only our fuel economy any the worse for the efforts.

We picked up US 30 east of Muddy Gap and continued west to WY 13, which we took south to I 80. I 80 was a busy road this morning with considerable truck traffic. It is also quite hilly with many undulations. Again, we held our own with the "big boys", even passing some of them on the long uphill stretches.

We broke for lunch at a rest area and continued west to Rawlings where we added 56 gallons of diesel to our tank. Another switch of drivers had Bob back in the seat for the final run to Rock Springs, our planned overnite destination.

As we have oft said, RVers need to be and remain flexible. Our plan was to overnite at the Rock Springs Wal*Mart. But, upon arrival, we found the lot half torn up for repaving with the remaining half chock full of customer's vehicles. Time for Plan B...

Bob had noted that this exit also has a Home Depot. So, we disconnected the car and Sandi drove to the Home Depot to scout it out. It had a lovely, level parking area and Sandi obtained permission for us to spend the nite. A quick radio call to Bob had him on his way and, by 1520 we were settled into our evening's home. Boondocking it would be, either at Wally or Home Depot.

Today's run was 312 miles with a mountain-eaten 6.9 mpg.

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