Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Let's go to Hastings

North Platte River

Miles of cornfields

Farmer inspecting his fields

Yes, more sunflowers


Our route

More crop dusters

Lots of little hills on the plains

Lots of very large farm storage

Oops a little accident, hay bales on the road

Our next campground

Had to search around for the RV sites with hook ups

Hastings Elks Lodge for Happy Hour & a pin

Adorned old buildings

We moved down over to Adams County Fairgrounds in Hastings today, dropping down away from the North Platte River. We are surrounded by corn fields and brilliant yellow sunflowers. More crop dusters and large farm storage facilities. Driving through town we came across a traffic problem, bales of hay had fallen off a truck in the middle of the road. But it must have been a normal occurrence, as vehicles moved around and past the obstacle.

The camping at the fairgrounds was good with electric, water and sewer. They had plenty of spaces and very few campers. We stayed in and caught up on chores but regrouped with Bruce & Sue for an evening at the Hastings Elks Lodge for drinks and dinner, then we topped it off in town at the Dairy Queen for a blizzard to cool us from the warm evening.

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