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A morning swim in the caravan park pool - the whole pool...

Pip about to launch

Will after launch

Their own little cave

The Indian Ocean - a beautiful 25 degrees warm!

Alice enjoys some wave action

Getting ready for our camel ride along Cable Beach

Sal gets a close look at some of the dental work of...

Heading off at altitude

Will and dad team up

Pip in the driving seat

Aslan the alpha male - of special interest as we're reading through...

Will and Patrick attempting a maze in the sand which Kev designed

Amazing colours at Reddell Beach, one of the other beaches at Broome

Sunset at Cable Beach

The Weber takes in another stunning location

Enjoying the sunset and dinner on the beach is even better with...


This morning we are leaving Broome, making our way gradually down the west coast.

On the whole (for most of us at least) it's been a really nice time in Broome, and it was finished up with a great BBQ on the beach at sunset last night. Together with Kev and Tania, we took the Weber down onto Cable Beach, cooked up the meat while the kids had a swim and play, and the sun set, and then ate in almost darkness. Kev then organised a bit of a game with the kids involving lots of tearing round in the dark on the sand.

Unfortunately Sal has spent a fair bit of our time here feeling headachey and nauseous, so it was nice that she was back on deck for the whole day yesterday. We actually spent all morning doing laundry and cleaning out the car and since it was a 35 degree day we were all pretty happy to jump in the pool after that.

On Saturday morning I took the kids down to the courthouse markets in Broome. They were okay but everything is now being compared to the Mindil Beach markets in Darwin, and they were a poor second to those. That afternoon we all headed down to Cable Beach for one of the highlights of our time here - a camel ride. Given the costs, we'd opted for a pre-sunset ride, which turned out to be great fun. The ride does head along Broome's nudist beach, which is only very sparsely patronised but did lead to a few wide eyes and surprised comments from the kids!

We found a little local Baptist church on Sunday morning and heard a fairly stirring Fathers Day message - certainly not fire and brimstone, but perhaps a slightly more politically correct version of the same.

The kids have had heaps of fun here with the pool, the beach and constant playmates in Larissa and Patrick (or Rissy and Patch as we've come to know them). It'll be sad to say goodbye again today, but we might catch up with them again further south.

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