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Bruce Woodall and Larry Jaynes

Janie Cummings and Stuart Whiteside

Lynda Lenamon and Ann Poole

Ann Poole and Glenda Alexander

View from Billy Jean's Restaurant

Kerry Zavaleta Feeding Horse

View of Johnson Creek from Gazebo


I had planned to leave earlier than I normally would have because I had a couple of stops to make. However, as I was doing my pre-departure chores, the latch on the door to the water heater flew apart. I wasted about thirty minutes trying to get that little problem resolved before giving up on it. I secured the door with twist ties. Jury-rigging at its best. :>)

My first stop was in San Marcos at the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center to deliver the flip flops and tee shirts. There were several other miscellaneous items that I had collected which they could use. They seemed very happing to get them.

My next stop was in New Braunfels at Camping World to take care of what I thought was going to be a simple exchange. Not so! The surge guard that I had bought in May had shorted out the electrical connection in Pecan Grove. I thought it was ruined but the Camping World service technician tested it and said that it was working fine, doing what it was supposed to do. They said that the problem was with the RV park’s electrical system. Then they discovered that I had not paid for it and a voltage regulator that I had gotten at the same time. Ach!! The service writer had told me that she had entered them on the work order with the refrigerator exchange on that same date and that my total for everything was $581.12. Now I was told that I owe an additional $920 for the surge guard and voltage regulator. Aarrgghh!! I certainly don’t need any additional expenses right now. I think I’ll change my identity and run away from home. :>)

Finally I was on my way to Ingram for the campout. At least things there were happier. We had a visitor, Kerry Zavaleta, who lives in Austin and came with Val. She and Val are in a water aerobics class together. She is a retired school librarian and sings in several choral groups.

It started raining this afternoon and there were some heavy downpours. It also rained during the night. What a wonderful way to go to sleep, hearing rain falling on my roof.


Today it continued to rain off and on and the temperature was considerably lower as a result. It was a welcome relief for our drought-stricken area.

Bruce took me to look for a replacement for the water heater door latch. We stopped at an RV repair shop to see if they sold any replacement parts. The technician told us that my latch was not broken and he showed us how to put it back together. I appreciated his honesty. Later, Bruce re-installed the latch for me.

Then we stopped at Walmart and Gibson’s where Bruce tried to find a quick-release water hose connection for Betty. He was not successful with this errand. He had an extra one on his own motorhome which he gave to Betty.

This afternoon we were surprised by a visit from Duane Praschak. He is a member of the club but has not been able to attend campouts for about a year and a half. Since he lives in Kerrville, he just drove over in his car and spent a few hours with us.

Tonight we had dinner at the Lakehouse Restaurant in Kerrville. Their specialty is seafood but they also have good chicken, burgers, etc.


The day began with thick clouds but there was no more rain. Later all the clouds had gone but the temperature remained very pleasant.

Ann, Lynda and I had lunch at Billy Gene’s where we all enjoyed vegetable plates. There were lots of choices from the list of side dishes, so none of us had exactly the same thing. Then we went to Gibson’s for them to look for several items. I just sat in a chair at the front and did some people watching while they shopped.

This afternoon Jack Taylor used his little vacuum cleaner with a special brush on the end of the hose to clean the three fabric shades in my bedroom and the one beside the dinette. It did a very good job and those dusty old shades look 100 percent better. I really appreciated Jack’s generous help.

Later, a bunch of us sat outside for quite a while in the gazebo and enjoyed the cool breeze.


Route: I-35 S to New Braunfels => TX 46 W to Boerne => I-10 W to Comfort => TX 27 W to Ingram

Total Miles Driven: 139

Weather Conditions: Cloudy, with occasional showers

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Johnson Creek RV Resort

Park Conditions: Very pretty grounds and club house, free Wi-Fi, friendly owners

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