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Bull Run was the battle where "Stonewall" Jackson got his name

This Stone bridge was the site that the Union army was forced...

Ford Theater

Lincoln's death bed at Peterson's boarding house

The Hope Diamond

Toto, we're not in Kansas any more..

Together at the Museum of Natural History

Unintentionally, our trip has taken on a pattern that is both logical and historical. We began with Jamestown, the first settlement, learning about how much people struggled to come to America, then came Williamsburg and Yorktown, seeing how people took the concepts of personal liberty and free thinking developed during the Reformation and made those ideals concrete with the Declaration of Independence as eloquently voiced by Thomas Jefferson. Today we took another turn around the circle, visiting Manassas in the morning and bearing witness to both the futility of war,and the eternal question about whether slaughter on the battlefield is ever justified. From there, we visited Ford's Theatre and heard a vivid description of Lincoln's assassination, continued with a great interactive exhibit about leadership and integrity. We got to finish the day with a trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History-- a wonderful gift provided by Americans to Americans so that we can continue to quest, wonder and learn.

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