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Where sheep may safely graze

Sheep on the left

Sheep on the right

Ears in production

Finished ears....

Today was a day of sedate rural reflection and meditation. Of course the domestic chores came first!

Now before you look at the pictures click on this link and set it playing then minimise the window and open this up and look at the pictures….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6HlLaA33R4

It was a busy day on the farm today sheep had to be sorted ones with red dots on zeir faces to ze left und zose vis a blue mark on zere face to ze right….. The dog earned her keep today… they all look like Asians to me, the same but the different colours signified different breeds, the sheep that is not the dogs….

After the mornings reflection and meditation the afternoon saw me with a head ache making bits for the tramway, I managed to make about 4 doz trolley ears before I adjourned for afternoon tea.

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