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Silver Waterfall

Cat Cat village

Anna meets the locals

Today was supposed to be a day of seeing the view from 'Tram Tom Pass' the highest pass in Vietnam and the 'Silver Waterfall' nearby. Unfortunately the weather doesn't seem to favour us and the 'view' was non-existent; too much mist. The waterfall was worth the trip and we were able to walk up a series of steep climbs before crossing a slippery metal bridge above the strongest part of the falls. Why they put up a metal bridge which has no grip is beyond us, but fortunately we crossed without incident.

We were back in Sapa by midday and once we had warmed up over lunch we decided to walk to nearby Cat Cat village. Luckily for us as we descended in to the village the mist lifted and the sun began to shine. The unspoilt villages we visited around Bac Ha had set a high standard and sadly Cat Cat could not compete. Presumably for the benefit of the tourists the pathways had been cemented and were lined with litter. We felt as if we were on a conveyor belt of tourists each fair game for the linen toting locals. Just how many cushion cases and bracelets can one girl need?

The beauty of Cat Cat has not yet been lost altogether in the name of progress, and as you look down upon the village and nearby river with terraced paddy fields climbing the valley it is still quite special. Upclose is a different story

As we neared the end of the village we came accross a dozen locals offering to whisk up back up the valley to Sa Pa. That isn't to say that there weren't plenty of tourists on motos who struggled past us as we made our way back to town. For a supposedly communist country the Vietnamese people really do have every aspect of the tourist market cracked!

Day 46 complete

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