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Headed out of Massachusetts

Short trip thru New Hampshire

On to Maine


River & marshland

Stonewall Kitchen - store, cafe, cooking school & home office

Ogunquit, ME

Historic village

Kennebunk "the only village in the world so named" - settled 1621

cute "motel" cottages

Portland, ME

Thought baked beans were Massachusetts - but this is Maine

Maine views

Home at Topsham Fair

We got away early this morning (9:00) knowing we had the longest drive we've done in a long time (230 miles). It was another 3-state drive - quite a ways thru Massachusetts, 15 miles across New Hampshire's coast & quite a drive up the Maine coast. We chose not to take toll roads & that wasn't a problem in Massachusetts but it really slowed us down in Maine. We ended up on Hwy 1 up the Maine coast thru all the little towns - picturesque but very slow. Once we hit 295 above the toll road it was 70 mph - hadn't seen that speed in all of New England. (Of course we don't tow above 62 mph.)

Friends John & Pat Morgan told us about the Topsham Fair rv parking in Topsham & we shared that info with neighbors Rodney & Donna in Savannah - who we then ran into at the county park (also recommended by John & Pat) in Maryland. Guess who was here when we arrived - yup, Rodney & Donna. We thought they'd be long gone by the time we got here but they're planning to be here for another week or 10 days. We originally planned a week here but will probably spend a couple of weeks here to see Maine & New Hampshire.

It's a beautiful, cool evening here. We have the windows & door open & the a/c off. Think it's going to be a cool, quiet nite. Don't know what we'll do tomorrow - or the next 2 weeks for that matter. More later...

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