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Driving thru Durham, NC - brick freeway sound walls

Falls Lake (still in NC)

Lots of trees - big trees - again today

Nice rest area - very pretty area

Big dump bed on this truck

Lots of construction on the roads today

We're in Virginia! Nice welcome center.

This peanut thresher was on display in the welcome center

Lake Gaston (looks like a river but is a big lake)

The trees crowd the road even more in VA

James River

Off on a scenic byway

Chickahominy River - looks like a lake but it's a big river


Nice rv park

Home for the next few nites

Cute neighbor in the park

We had the longest trip we've had in awhile - 222 miles. It was a beautiful drive & great weather - 76 when we arrived at the rv park about 2:00. We stopped at the welcome center just inside VA & the staff was very helpful. Our gps had us on freeway all the way to Williamsburg & the welcome center lady suggested a scenic route that didn't take any longer than the freeway route. We passed a number of plantations & would love to go back & get a closer look.

We're staying just out of Williamsburg at American Heritage RV Park in Norge. It's a very nice park - not cheap but very nice.

Tomorrow we're planning on seeing Colonial Williamsburg. Not sure what we'll do on our 2nd & last day here. More later...

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