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Isla de Tabarca off Cabo de Santa Pola south of Alicante

Leaving Playa de Huerta anchorage north of Alicante

No wind this morning and as Francis wanted to check a couple of things at the top of the mast and straighten the wind vane, he donned the harness, attached it to the main halyard and Jane winched him up to the top. That was the easy bit from her point of view, using the electric winch, but lowering him down was rather more nerve racking as it had to be done manually. All went well, but not something we want to do too often.

The inverter hasn’t been working for some time and we finally worked out that it was the fuse that had blown and replaced that, so now we can recharge phones, kindle, etc, off the 12 Volt supply when we are anchored which makes a great difference.

The wind picked up in the afternoon and we had a lovely sail up the coast to Playa de la Huerta, an anchorage just north of Alicante. 24 nautical miles in just over 5 hours.

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