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We had an incident during the night to one of the caravan members. Paul Woerle, who is married to Judy, apparently had a TIA, but is being checked out more thoroughly as of this writing. The last we knew he will be transferred to an Anchorage Hospital for further diagnosis. They are fortunate in that they apparently have a son in Palmer, AK, our destination for today. Their motor home will be driven up to the Anchorage area, and we all will be anxiously awaiting the results of Paul's further tests, and hope they can continue on the caravan. We, and all the Caravan members have offered help in any way we can to be sure. We left Seward about 8:30am, and headed out for Palmer in the rain. We stopped for breakfast in Moose Pass, as planned, and continued slowly on our way. The scenery wasn't all that great in the rain, but was sort of mystical the way the rain clouds made their way through the mountains. The tide was out on "Turnagain Arm" and it was amazing to us that there was so much bottom of the sea that showed. When we passed this way a few days ago, the tide was in and it looked like it would have been very deep. We continued on our way to Palmer, and spent some time there, looking it over before heading out to "Mountain View RV Park". When we made our turn onto the road near the park, we noticed a nice cow Moose "vegetating" right beside the road. She barely would put her head up. We called to her, and honked the horn, and finally she gave us a sort of cursive look, like, " what the hell do you want? I'm eating". so we took a couple of snaps and went on in to the campgrounds where we were assigned our spot, and settled in. Tomorrow we have a 9:30am bus to a tour of a Musk Ox/Reindeer farm.

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