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Carpe Diem visits her first Elks Lodge
Now that Bob is an Elk...

Heading west on US 20
Early morning with Carpe casting a long shadow

Crossing into Idaho at the Continental Divide
Altitude 7,070' plus, temperature, high twenties

Carpe's outside air gauge at Continental Divide

Entering Utah on I 15
Now we have to pay sales taxes again...

Wed, 21 Sep: Happy first day of autumn! After five days of delightful sloth-iness we set the alarm for 0630 and arose to a frigid morning. Temperatures were in the mid twenties and the bed was soooooo cozy. But, we had a long drive ahead and wanted to get rolling.

Following a quick breakfast we started our engine (the Cummins took quite a while to pre-heat, but once the dash lite went out she started right up.) After five minutes of warmup, sufficiently long to circulate the oil, pump up the air system, and inflate air bags. We hugged the Baileys goodbye and rolled wheels a few minutes before eight. We are not the sort of inconsiderate RVers that feel compelled to idle their diesels for extended periods of time. In fact, our Cummins manual tells us not to do that!

The Baileys will be heading their own way at this point. They'll be heading down the eastern end of Idaho into Wyoming and along the western side of the Tetons. They expect to stop in Vegas and then be home by the weekend. We, on the other hand, will overnite here in Ogden, then a few nites in St. George, and then down to Laughlin by Sunday where we'll meet up with Ray & Cathie again.

Our route took us along US 20 from West Yellowstone to Idaho Falls where we joined up with Interstate 15. We stayed on I 15 all the way to Roy (Ogden), Utah, where we secured a space at the Roy Elks Lodge. It is a nice space in their parking lot with 30 amperes of electrical power. No water or sewer, but we'd taken care of that before leaving West Yellowstone. But we digress...

Our drive was 290 miles with stops for driver changes (near Idaho Falls), lunch (Idaho rest stop at mile marker 26), and finally diesel at a Flying J just north of Ogden. Nice to see diesel below $4/gal again. We were on the road just a bit longer than six hours and Carpe averaged just shy of ten MPG for the day (mostly the result of dropping some 3,000' in altitude).

Once settled we made a WalMart pilgrimage. It has been 1½ weeks since we've visited "Mr. Sam's emporium". We stocked up and then headed back home. The Elks Lodge parking lot started filling up with Bingo players. They totally filled the lot by dinner time.

We met up with Bob's niece Stacy and her really neat kiddies, Travis & Chandler (both have cities named after them!) We went to a new (for us) BBQ, Goodwood. Excellent BBQ, really awesome fried onion rings, and superb service. This is one we'll put on our "return" list.

Back to the coach around eight and we relaxed, had a late happy hour, and hit the sack around ten. By then the Bingo crowd had departed so we had the place to ourselves. Despite our proximity to major streets, we both slept soundly.

More anon...

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