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WE’RE HEADING SOUTH!! The weather was getting mighty chilly up at Chip’s (30° a couple of nights) so it’s time to hit the road, which we did exactly one hour later than proposed take-off time. We pulled out of the driveway at 11:00 a.m. for the 251-mile trip to our next stop at Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Very uneventful driving along I-71 and I-75, through Columbus and Cincinnati OH (thank goodness) but did have a fierce headwind most of the way. I’m almost afraid to see what our diesel mileage is going to be. Stopped at a rest area while we were still in Ohio to check the torque on the tire we just put on the trailer but found we don’t have a deep ¾” socket so couldn’t do that chore. Will get one at the next stop.

Then stopped in Jeffersonville OH for diesel and a Taco walk then on we went. Traffic flowed well until we got to the bridge over the Ohio River at Cincinnati where it slowed a bit due to construction.

Anyway, pulled into the I-75 Camper Village at 4:30…just in time to set up before dark.


Well, we were only going to stay here 2 nights but it appears the rain arrived right after we did and it plans on staying around ‘til next week so we signed up for a few more days. It’s a nice unassuming campground, unfortunately right next to the interstate so there is some road noise but with the rain and the acorns falling on the roof of the house, we really can’t hear it much.

Got some geocaching done today plus the requisite trip to Walmart. This town is larger than we first thought. Saw a Tire Discounter shop at the end of our road so will call tomorrow to see if they have Toyo tires for the truck.


Took the truck in for 4 new tires this morning. We got 58,093 miles out of the last set so I’m feeling that’s pretty good. The new tires went on the back; we’ll get new for the front while we’re in Las Vegas.


Went to hook up the Wii today but I cannot, for the life of me, remember where the heck I put the AV and power cables so off to Walmart to see if they have any. They didn’t but a young man there told me about Game Stop in Florence, KY, about 20 miles north on the interstate so off we went. Florence is a rather large rambling city but luckily Game Stop was in a mall not too far from the interstate. Picked up the cables, home, and Wii is now ready to go. I tested it by bowling a 172 in the Brunswick Bowling game.

I was looking out the window today and saw a pretty white cat with black stripes on its back, just crouched along the fence at the top of the hill behind the RV. I went out to talk to it and met a lady walking up the drive; it was hers and had gotten loose when her husband was putting it into the RV. It was so scared and wouldn’t let her near it. The cat went through the fence and started heading down the hill towards the interstate. I do so hope the highway noise scares it back towards the RV park. The lady was out several times during the night, walking along the fence and calling the cat. So sad.

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