Rallye Med 2010 travel blog

The Brayshaw Healey entering the Tunnel under Lorca Castle

The Lucas Mercedes

Passing Benidorm

There was advice from the hotel that the best way to leave Granada was by following the bypass round the south of the city. It was a long way round but we had used it on the way in very successfully since it was simple and we didn’t arrive until it was dark. Today we decided to follow the route in the road book that was through the centre. We left at 8.15am and sailed through except when the navigator lost count of roundabouts and we had a small deviation. To be fair, one of the roundabouts was not recognisable as such since it was buried in roadworks. Nevertheless the navigator was irritated.

Later on we stopped for a coffee and petrol with David and Jenny Brayshaw. The car that had left at the same time as us but had followed the hotel’s advice (as had all the other cars) arrived 20 minutes later! Discussion revealed that there had been a huge hold up on the bypass so we had made the correct decision.

We covered 639 km through Andalucia and the Levant region passing such places as Murcia, Valencia, Alicante...... and Benidorm. We saw palm groves, citrus orchards, vines and mountains. We missed the rice fields near Valencia where the rice for paella is grown.

Otherwise it was a long hot drive up the motorway. We arrived at Benicassim in time to enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean (beautiful sea and sand) and an ice cream. We hope to eat paella this evening, in a restaurant overlooking the beach.

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