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Lubec, ME - Sunset Point Trailer & RV Park - Site 9

Lubec, ME - Sunset Point Trailer & RV Park - Site 9,...

Lubec, ME - Sunset Point Trailer & RV Park - Site 9,...

Views from the campsite 1

Views from the campsite 2

Views from the campsite 3

Views from the campsite 4

Views from the campsite 5

West Quoddy Head Light

West Quoddy Head Light a little closer

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Campobello, NB Side Trip 1 - the little town of Lubec, ME...

Campobello, NB Side Trip 2 - the Roosevelt 'cottage' with 37 rooms

Campobello, NB Side Trip 3 - the view from the back of...

Campobello, NB Side Trip 4 - the back of the cottage

Campobello, NB Side Trip 5 - an unusual driftwood display at the...

Campobello, NB Side Trip 6 - the East Quoddy Point Head Light

Campobello, NB Side Trip 7 - a diiferent view ofthe lighthouse

Campobello, NB Side Trip 8 - the point of land the lighthouse...

Campobello, NB Side Trip 9 - the tide rises on this narrows...

Campobello, NB Side Trip 10 - Quoddy Point Views 1

Campobello, NB Side Trip 11 - Quoddy Point Views 2

Campobello, NB Side Trip 12 - Quoddy Point Views 3

Campobello, NB Side Trip 13 - Minke Whale shot 1

Campobello, NB Side Trip 14 - Minke Whale shot 2

Campobello, NB Side Trip 15 - Minke Whale shot 3 - the...

Campobello, NB Side Trip 16 - Minke Whale shot 4

Campobello, NB Side Trip 17 - Minke Whale shot 5

West Quoddy State Park 1

West Quoddy State Park 2

West Quoddy State Park 3

West Quoddy State Park 4

West Quoddy State Park 5

West Quoddy State Park 6

West Quoddy State Park 7

West Quoddy State Park 8

West Quoddy State Park 9

Another night, another beautiful sunset in Lubec 1

Another night, another beautiful sunset in Lubec 2

Another night, another beautiful sunset in Lubec 3

Another night, another beautiful sunset in Lubec 4

Campground on Friday July 2 about noon

Campground on Friday July 2 about noon - we are directly behind...

Campground on Friday July 2 about noon - the rest of the...

The town of Lubec from the campground

Porpoise at East Quoddy Point

And another one with a Herring Gull

The tide was lowest about an hour ago and people are still...

This is about 45 minutes after the first shot

Five minutes later

The sign warning people of the fast rising tide - people have...

The drive from Trenton to Lubec was a very leisurely two hours covering 90 miles and a gas up along the way. We arrived here about noon and were set up shortly thereafter. We have 30 amps and water at the site. The campsite itself is very narrow but the views from the campground make up for it. The campground is almost empty now but is supposed to be full this weekend. Until then the closest RV is about 75 feet away. We have cell coverage but we believe we are getting service from Canada instead of the USA since we are so close (about a mile) to the border. Likewise we are hesitant to use the air card for internet until we can make sure we are not “in” Canada. Data rates in Canada are prohibitively expensive and we will not be using it while there.

We will be staying here at least a week just to stand down a bit after a hectic week at Acadia and we want the holidays to pass before going into Canada so that finding campsites will not be a problem.

Monday was a rainy, dreary day but it did allow us to stay inside and just relax after a pretty full week at Acadia. Tuesday was cloudy but at least it wasn’t raining - time to do a little cleaning. Doris did the laundry and worked on the inside while I worked on the outside. It’s amazing how dirty these things get in two months. She managed to get finished but I still have a little to do on the outside. I gave parts of her a sponge bath and hit the highlights since the campground doesn’t allow you to wash the vehicles or RV. I got pretty well everything done but applying the Rejex to the front cap and a little wax just aft of the front cap.

We watched the final game of the College World Series Tuesday night and South Carolina came through for their first National Championship in baseball! It was also the last College World Series to be played at Rosenblatt stadium where it has been held for over 50 years. I have fond memories of our trip there in 2008 and it’s kind of sad to see them discontinue the games there. It was a great venue and very charming but hopefully the new stadium downtown will be even better. With any luck they will have the same food vendors who provide the best ballpark food we have ever tasted. The parking has to be better. It will be nice if they have sufficient parking for some tailgating as Rosenblatt only had parking for about 200 cars in the stadium parking lot and those were allotted to Omaha residents.

Wednesday we woke to a bright sunny sky, gathered our passports and headed for Campobello Island, New Brunswick which is just across the FDR International Bridge from Lubec. Campobello was a summer home for the Roosevelt family starting in 1883 when FDR was one year old after FDR’s father and mother purchased property there. Franklin, Jr. was born to FDR and Eleanor there in 1914. FDR discovered he had polio while summering there as well, after he had been a NY senator and before running for president. The “cottage” they summered in had 37 rooms and has been preserved intact as it was when they used it – a very interesting place to visit.

After visiting the FDR International Park we went on to the end of the island to East Quoddy Point to see the lighthouse there and see if we could catch sight of a whale or two. The lighthouse and the point of land that it is constructed on is very picturesque. That point has a “narrows” between it and the island which has very swift currents as the tide is changing. The point can only be accessed at low tide or by boat. Many people have walked across the tidal land to the point and then been stranded there for several hours if they misjudged the time and the tide came in before they left. Some have even died trying to get back across the heavy currents. What do they say? “Stupid is as stupid does!”

The tide was about half way in when we got there and we waited around for a little while hoping to see a whale but no luck so we went about five miles back down the road to a wonderful seafood meal. Doris said it was the best scallops she has ever had. We then went back to the point and lo and behold there was a Minke Whale just offshore feeding and he stayed there for at least the next hour as we sat and watched. We would lose sight of him occasionally but then he would show back up. We had a great time just watching and trying to see where he would come up again.

Thursday was another spectacular, cool, crisp day in Downeast Maine. We decided to walk some trails at the West Quoddy State Park which is the easternmost point in the US and also contains the West Quoddy Head Light I remarked on earlier. Our first trail was along the coast and gave us some incredible views of the Maine coast. It is amazing how different the coast is between here and Florida. In Florida we have the smooth white sands that go on forever but here the coast is rocky and presents a new view around every corner. The tides are so high here that when they are out, whole new scenery is revealed that was hiding beneath the sea. We are near the Bay of Fundy which has some of the highest tides in the world. They are high here in Maine on the southernmost part of the Bay but will be much higher as we reach the northern part of the bay in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Thursday was also Canada Day, Canada’s Independence Day, and we are so close to Canada here that you could see some fireworks at night way on the horizon. They were too far to take pictures but you could sure hear them and see a little bit.

Friday we headed back over to Campobello Island and East Quoddy Point in search of the whales again. Unfortunately, they had had a couple of Minke whales there but they had left not long before we got there. We were able to see a couple of porpoise feeding and just enjoy the beauty of the place for an hour or so. It was also just past low tide so we were able to see the walkway over to the point the lighthouse is on. It is amazing how fast the tide comes in. Just in the short while we were there, that walkway went from a couple of feet above the water to two or three feet below water. Once the water covers the walkway, the resulting current between the two islands is really fast and dangerous.

Saturday and Sunday we just stayed around the campground and relaxed. I was able to pick up some of our mail that had been forwarded but we are still missing one box so will have to stay here until Tuesday to hopefully pick it up before leaving the USA and entering New Brunswick. The post office must have messed up as all three boxes that had been sent to us arrived in Scarborough, ME at the same time Friday morning but for some reason only two of them got sent to Lubec on Friday night. It is so pretty here in the campground another day of it will not bother us that much!

Today, Monday, we are just catching up on a few last details on the Mothership and preparing for our hopeful departure tomorrow. Our fears about being on Canada's cellphone towers were correct, so we have limited our cell use and quit using the air card until we re-enter the US in September or so. We will be required to rely on WiFi at campgrounds, librarys or wherever as long as we are in Canada. I am going to go ahead and post this entry and will add to it if necessary later.

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