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Check out the granite slabs!!

Our first glimpse of Lake Superior

A small stream entering the BIG lake

There it goes

Grantite walls

Two freighters in opposing directions on Lake Superior

Diluth shoreline large collection/loading sites

One of oodles of lighthouses

A typical late 1800's granite block building

I'm how long?

Made by Broken Paw

More by Broken Paw

How about this?!

Roadside lunch on Lake Michigan

Looks like the beach-eh?

Approaching Manistique

Glimpse of Mackinac Bridge

Land trail used by French, Indians, traders, etc

Here we are riding along in the Northern US. From the Boundary Waters to the UP subtle scenery changes are taking place. Forest stands are low with thick undergrowth offering winter protection to animals. The brake smoke from the granite slab truck in the photo almost distracted our first glimpse of Lake Superior. Pulling over, letting the smoke clear we captured the first view clearly. In contrast, Lake Michigan shore line is marked by low,rolling dunes. Don't expect a photo of all 40+ historic lighthouses. It is nice to let you have an example of what we're visualizing. Our current destination is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan-the glove. Beautiful cityscapes, sidewalk cafes, smoked fish, ferries to Mackinac(pronounced Mack-i-NAW), the continued sweet fragrance of lilacs,and MOSQUITOES!! First hand experience-the trailer brakes work! Mama and a wobbly legged fawn quickly darted out in front of us, causing momentary heart failure x 4. Thank goodness, eight legs crossed safely. We're off exploring today. First job is to relocate to a campground by the lake breeze-natural mosquito control. Currently, the swarm is more than obnoxious. Now we know why very few campers are here.

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