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New Mexico State flag

Steve & Shirley at capitol in Santa Fe



Leaving Texas proved to be as hard to leave as California!

The motorhome was left behind in Giddings at Ronnie's Tire and Automotive Diagnostics for future pickup at the end of the mission. We have been down-sizing and down-sizing and now down-sizing again. Trying to get three adults and two large dogs in a mini van was a challenge to say the least. I guess the next down-sizing will be to our back packs!

Texas has been experiencing drought, but the day we left, Tuesday, it down-poured, from Austin to Lubbock. When we finally stopped for the night, (about midnight) the temperatures were down to 39 degrees. Brrrrrr!

Got to the capitol of New Mexico at Santa Fe about noon. We lived about 90 miles north of Santa Fe for 5 years in the 1980's, and this state continues to be our favorite sojourn in the land of our exile. We were anticipating a feast for our eyes of the golden yellow of the aspen leaves, but we were a little late for that, there was a significant amount of new snow on the surrounding mountain peaks already pulling those beautiful leaves from their tenuous hold. So we found a restaurant serving New Mexican cusuine and soothed our disappointment with food! (It was lunch time after all!!) Santa Fe has grown so much since we lived in the area that we didn't know where to go to get what we were hungry for so we made a request of YHVH to direct us to a place that would fulfill our desire for that very good New Mexican food. And HE did!!!

New Mexican cusuine is different from Mexican food and we were hungry for New Mexican style cusuine. We drove down Cerrillos Rd. and saw several restaurants, but they weren't what we were looking for until - there it was - highlighted for us. Steve knew it was the one. Just inside the front door there was a sign; Voted Best Santa Fe Restaurant in 2008. And, oh my, what a feast, at very reasonable prices! YHVH loves His kids! Thank you, ABBA!!!

We're on our way to Phoenix. Talk to you in a while.

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