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Can you spot our container?

still waiting for paperwork

cars at last!

We have a car!

Yesterday was spent at the container terminal. The upside was that there was a clean well provided cafeteria in which to wait for the first 4 of the 6 hours. The downside was that the admin took so long that we did not get away from the port until nearly 5.30 p.m. By the time we had filled up with petrol and sat in the end of the day traffic jam from Colon for an hour and a half the drive took three hours to get to our hotel in Panama City. So much for not driving in the dark ... and looking out for the potholes and speedbumps (‘topes’) of which we are to expect many in Central America.

Despite all the challenges, Charlotte did a great job of driving the Aston back to the hotel. Yes you did read that correctly: sadly I have developed a rather severe vertigo and do not feel safe driving. Nikki the doctor is on the case though and I hope to be fit again soon. Some may say that I have often behaved as if the world revolved around me.....

A couple of the cars had battery related problems coming out of the containers. Fortunately whoever drove ours into the container found the battery cut out switch and the car started first time. She is running well and raring for the off on Thursday. There was some debate over whether to drive the cross country route planned back, despite the dark, in the end we took some cross country and some main road and arrived back at the hotel at 8.30 p.m. – second car to arrive. We have all parked up in a splendid line on a lawn outside the hotel and are hoping that the (overdue) rainy season does not arrive in full force before we have to drive out. (photo of the car to follow after Charlotte has finished cleaning it. She is certainly earning a few credits to call in later...)

best wishes from Panama

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