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Hello Everyone!!

Well, we are back in Maryville at our home. The trip back to home base was a piece of cake, as we picked a day that the rain chance was around 20%. Had only a few sprinkles to go through.

The rig and tow vehicle did just fine accept one day I did experience some power loss after filling up with diesel fuel. I thought sure we had lost the turbo but it smoothed out after about 100 miles of driving. It could have been bad fuel. Anyways, I will watch the "beast" and if it does it again I will take it to the shop for a check up.

Fuel prices are much higher in the Middle Tennessee area than here (Knoxville area) by as much as 20 - 30 cents higher. Funny thing though, diesel fuel is cheaper there than here by about 15 cents.

We had a great time visiting with Chris's Mom and family. Wish we could have stayed longer but decided to head back to Maryville instead of going on down to South Georgia for the entire month of October.

Some of you were worried about why we cut our adventure short. Well, the reason is this....I continue to have problems with pain in my left side under my ribs. At times this causes intense feeling of having a tummy ache. That is no fun let me tell you. Over the past 8 weeks I have had all the tests you can run to find out what this problems is and have now narrowed it down to Muscular/Nerve disorder in that region. Could have been brought on by some of the everyday medication that I take (side effect)....who knows.

So, at least I know that it is not something life threatening, however, it still is very uncomfortable at times. At this point I am doing a lot better and hope to have this thing licked soon. All extended adventures will be on hold until we do work through this.

Anyway....hope all of you are having a great beginning to the fall season. We will be making a short journey over to Middle Tennessee again the first of November for some camping at my Sisters place out in the country. We will be having a family reunion / fall festival, so to speak, with a lot of the family gathered there with their campers and tents to spend some time with each other.

Continue to pray for us as we travel and especially that I can get this ailment licked and back to "normal" again. Thanks for all the sweet emails and comments you all have made in the 'Guest" book...that means a lot to us.

In memory of my dad.......the adventure contiues......

Later alligators,

Archie, Chris and Chad the wonder dog

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