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Yesterday we awoke early, anxious to get on the road again. We shared our morning coffee while talking about the fact that Lamar, Colorado would serve as a reasonable destination for the day, but we would not make a reservation, wanting to leave our options open.

We tried to be quiet as we hooked up and pulled out at 7:25 AM. Howard later said that he heard our noisy diesel start up. Those are my words, not his. :)

We stopped at the dump station to dump the holding tanks and were soon on the road.

I have to say that the highways in Oklahoma are terrible! We have driven on many two lane blacktop roads in Missouri and Kansas which were far smoother than the turnpikes in Oklahoma. That is a state I would avoid driving through if at all possible.

Marilyn and I had a six hour drive to Lamar, Colorado and reached it at 12:30 PM, due to the 1 hour change in time, from Standard to Mountain time. We stopped for lunch, and decided that it was far too early to stop for the day. Besides, we were only 4 hours from our destination of Mountaindale Cabins & RV Resort, near Colorado Springs. Besides, the temperature out on the plains was 94 to 96 degrees and we didn't want to set up camp in that kind of weather if we could get to the mountains.

Needless to say, we continued driving, stopping only for fuel. Twice I paid more than $108.00 to fill up the truck. Ouch! We drove 461 miles yesterday and averaged exactly 10.0 mpg for the trip. We were on the road for 10 hours and that included stops for fuel and food. It was worth it to be here this morning.

When we pulled into the Mountaindale Resort shortly before 4:30 local time, I must admit that we were not pleased. The sites are very close together, it is gravel, with no grass at all, and the trees are scattered around to give the appearance of privacy. The view out our picture window in the back is of a storage building and a dumpster, with piles of junk all around that area. Marilyn says she is keeping the shades down on our rear window. :)

We have young, military families on each side of us. One has two little kids and the other has three. One has two dogs which are very well behaved, i.e. no barking at all.

Now I must tell you that the two military families are very nice, the kids are well behaved, and there is no problem whatsoever with that part of it. The weather is magnificent! The entire campground is very quiet after 9:00 PM and we slept with the windows open last night. We awoke this morning with the blanket pulled up around our chin as the temperature is only 58 degrees outdoors and 65 inside.

The internet works good so far and it appears that this will be ok as a place to spend time in the mountains.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we have bears in the campground. We haven't seen them yet. They are not a problem but everyone is aware that they come and go as they please and no one feeds them.

I will have more to report and pictures to post for you later today or even tomorrow morning. I need to get the satellite dish set up today and do a few other chores.

We absolutely love this weather and we are headed outdoors to have our morning coffee beside the fire.

Life is so good!

We simply can't wait to see what adventures today has in store.....

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