Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

TJ on His Four-Wheeler

Betty Feeding the Fish in Late Afternoon

Keema Swimming in the Pond

TJ and Betty on Nature Trail

Glenda on Nature Trail

Brianne Playing in Water

Susan Roasting Marshmallows


This morning TJ, Betty and I were up very early because it is a long drive from Amarillo to Honey Grove (almost 400 miles) and TJ wanted to be there in time to do a few things before dark. We left just after 7:00 a.m. while it was still dark and arrived at Critter Creek about a quarter to four. We stopped for lunch at Cheddar's in Wichita Falls. We also made several other short stops.

After getting Daisy settled in her spot, Betty and I went down to their pond so she could fish. She caught one catfish which was about 12.5 inches long. She threw it back. When TJ stocked the pond, the catfish were only about five inches long. They and the perch and minnows seem to be doing well.


This morning we all slept late to make up for the early morning yesterday. TJ removed some weeds from the bank of the pond while Betty did a little fishing. Then we all went for a walk on their nature trail in the woods. Their trail is every bit as nice as most of the state parks' trails I've seen on this trip.

Late this afternoon we went to visit Betty's Aunt Bea for an hour or so. Then, shortly after returning home, TJ and Betty's daughter Susan and granddaughter Brianne arrived to spend a few days at Critter Creek. Brianne, who is in the fifth grade, brought her books so she can keep up with her school work.


This morning I went riding on a four-wheeler behind TJ, with Susan and Brianne following on the other two four-wheelers. We rode all around the nature trail through the woods. It was lots of fun.

Then, after a hearty breakfast, Betty, Brianne and I went to Bonham to a flea market. I didn't buy anything except a small lemonade drink. Then we went to the Goodwill store. I bought a tall man's shirt to use as a cover-up to protect my clothes when I'm unhooking my motorhome from the utilities. I was tired of getting my clothes dirty every time I did this chore. The shirt comes down nearly to my knees, so it should offer pretty good protection. After this, we went to Wal-Mart, I stocked up on personal care items.

Tonight, after another wonderful dinner, TJ built a bonfire in a little clearing in the woods and we sat around it for quite a while. We watched the "Hunter's Moon" come up. It was the brightest moon I had seen in who knows how long.


This morning Betty and I went into Honey Grove to see what was happening at their Davy Crockett Days festival. We walked around the town square to see all the booths. Betty bought a cookbook; she's a cookbook "nut" who loves to read them. She's a good cook, too, by the way. Susan and Brianne went to Paris.

TJ stayed home to wait for an RV tech to come. He sneaked in a long nap while we were gone and before the RV tech came. When the RV tech arrived, he discovered that he would have to order a part for their air conditioner. The air conditioner situation wasn't so critical, though, because the temperature was very mild today. The other repairs were more important at this time and he was able to complete them.


This morning I went to church with the cousins. For lunch Betty warmed up the leftovers, which tasted just as good as they did yesterday. Soon after lunch Susan and Brianne headed back to Amarillo so Brianne would have time to finish a school project before Tuesday.

Not long afterwards I headed out as well. I'm spending the next two nights at Shirley's RV Park in Powderly, a tiny berg a few miles north of Paris, while I wait for cousins Bill and Cindy to return home from Dallas Tuesday afternoon.

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