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The river runs through Ljubjana as well

Everybody has a legend of a dragon being slayed there. Today they...











Michelle by now is an expert on street markets

Given the fact that we got very little sleep we were anything but excited to arrive to Ljubljana. Must check a thesaurus, because I can only repeat myself that it was very cute. As usual there is a castle, looking over a little river and with the older parts of the city below. I'd like to mention a thing here that was awfully sympathetic for us about Slovenia. Most countries are loaded with references to politicians/war people printed on money or placed as statues on public squares. Slovenian paper money is a showcase of Slovenian artists and scientists. So are their public spaces, including the main square in Ljubljana which features a favorite architect of the city. From this square there is a triple bridge over the river as well as walking streets which on the balmy Monday night were loaded with musicians (tango group, a Floridian playing diverse American music...) and strolling locals. At the same time there was also concert up in the castle. Ljubjana is definitely worth a stop.

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