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Beach Baby!


A few cars



Who is that in the bunker?



The Norway ferry

The Allies are coming!


Fire control bunker






Hirtshals from the lighthouse

The extensive bunkers network as seen from the lighthouse

A different type of motorhome



After travelling yesterday we decided to explore the local area close to the campground.

Firstly we walked down to the beach about 1km from the campground. As we found further south driving on the beach was permitted. Fortunately we were early enough so there were very few cars around so we all enjoyed our walk along the beach. Daisy is a real beach baby!

After lunch we headed to the Bunker Museum in Hirtshals. During World War II the Germans occupation forces built 7,500 bunkers in Denmark. These bunkers were the largest construction project in Danish history. 6,000 of these bunkers were built along the Danish coastline as part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. The Hirtshals area was of particular importance as there was a major fear by the Germans that the North Jutland area would be a site for an allied invasion and hence as the war progressed the batteries were strengthened.

The free Bunker Museum covered an area of 54 excavated bunkers along with many gun, mortar and machinegun emplacements. The extent of the batteries was amazing and in this small area there was 3.5kilometres of trenches. As well as exploring the bunkers because of the location we got great views of the coastline and the ferry port

The Hirtshals lighthouse was also located in the area. Construction of the lighthouse was started in 1859 and took two and half years to construct. It was lit for the first time on 1 January 1863. The lighthouse is 35 metres high. From the top of the lighthouse you could clearly see the extent of the bunkers and Hirtshals.

After the bunkers and the lighthouse we explored Hirtshals a ferry and fishing port but very pleasant. We bought some fresh fish for dinner and headed back to the campground. A good first day in North Jutland

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