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Lake Manapouri

Being silly :)

Just another beautiful stop on the road to Milford

Jucy cruise!

Heading into the fjords

Getting wet!

The seal colony!

The Chasm

Our new friend :)

Mirror Lake

We decided to start a new little road trip by hiring a car from Queenstown and driving to Milford Sound. Milford is in the Fjordlands and whilst we have been to the fjords in Norway we wanted to experience it again, this time about as far away from Norway as you can possibly get!

Milford is about 300km from Queenstown and there is only one way to get there, along a very long and windy road which also happens to be New Zealands highest road at about 1000m at one point. Needless to say we decided to get a slightly better car than the previous one. We picked up our Toyota Corolla and headed straight out on the road. Our plan was to spend a night in a small village half way to Milford called Te Anau, drive to Milford the next day and then spend one more night in Te Anau before heading back to Queenstown.

The drive to Te Anau was fairly straightforward and took only a couple of hours. As we had some time to kill we decided to visit a little known village called Manapouri as it had a lake with mountains in the backdrop. As it happened the lake was so serene and absolutely stunning. Given the lack of tourists we had the whole place to ourselves.

After visiting Manapouri we checked into our hostel for the evening and had an early night as we had an early start the next morning to get to Milford.

The drive to Milford was amazing with so many little places to stop off at which had spectacular views. We stopped at a place called The Chasm where we saw a beautiful stream with water gushing down the chasm at a ferocious pace. We also stopped as a place called Mirror Lake where we were able to see the beautiful mountains reflecting in the crystal clear and still lake.

We had already seen so many beautiful things and we had not even arrived at the main attraction Milford Sound. When we did arrive we hopped on our Jucy cruise which, given it is winter was almost empty to begin our 2 hour cruise on the Sound itself and out to the Tasman sea.

The cruise was out of this world. In the space of two hours we got to see snow capped mountains, waterfalls gushing over the side of cliffs, a colony of seals as well as taking in the breathtaking emerald green waters. The highlight of the cruise was getting so close to one of the waterfalls that we got soaked trying to take pictures from just underneath it.

On our way back we even managed to spot a Kea which is a bird native to this part of the Fjords. Interestingly one landed on our wingmirror whilst we had the window down and decided to stare us down. Once over the initial shock we managed to get a good snap before heading on. After our drive back we decided to stop by Lake Manapouri once more as we were so taken in the first time. It's fair to say the South Island has given us many wonderful memories but this little road trip might just be the icing on the cake.

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