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I was thankful it was only a dusting

Highway looked dry and safe heading west

I pulled off onto a visitor stop to take a photo of...

It was obvious that goods were once sold at the pull-off

No, I don't know what it is.

This is when I gripped the steering wheel tighter

It never got deep, but the snow became much more significant.

Temp went from 28 in Albuquerque to 35 then down to 22...

Arizona is not all sunny and hot. Winslow got down to 10...

My bird photo

Nearing crash Sunday drivers, just a mass of semis in front...

and a mass of semis behind me

So I reached over my shoulder and took a pic of Boots....

And I took photos of the snow

And then we were off again, heading westward ho

Fortunately I never get lonely. Meteor Crater RV park is quite nice

The Welcome to Winslow sign is new also

Nice entry into town

The city looks so much more alive than it did in '10


The intersecion is complete in all its glory

The new statue of Glenn Frey

The infamous corner

The souvenir store right across the road

And a Rt 66 map in their window

And, oh, that flatbed Ford...

Cold and windy was expected over night in Albuquerque. I had disconnected the water and felt the HH rock and roll much of the night, but I didn't expect to find the dusting of snow the next morning.

I bid goodbye to my new Groveland friends and took off at 9 a.m., early for me. The highway was fine, any snow having been blown away by the semis. Fortunately the road was safe the entire way, though that didn't eliminate all worries during the drive as photos will show. At one point we had an alert about a crash ten miles ahead, right lane closed. When we neared that spot we were at a standstill for about 20 minutes. When we finally started moving, it was immediately at a good clip and I never did see any signs of a wreck. Just full speed ahead.

I can't explain the draw. It was only one line in one song and I had already been there and done that, but after I set my rig up at the Meteor Crater RV Park (great park), I turned around and headed back to Winslow, Arizona to stand on a corner. Again.

I admit I thought it was rather silly, but it turned out I was so glad I did. A local committee had created the Standing on the Corner Park back in 1999 on downtown property donated by its wealthy owner. I visited the spot on my Big Trip in 2010 and found the guy standing on the corner and the wonderful mural. The town was in the process of creating a Rt. 66 design in the middle of the intersection and the corner store had souvenirs. Otherwise, the little town of Winslow was dreary, rundown and far from a tourist destination. Truly dismal.

Not so today! A new hotel, motel, police station complex and even a Safeway grocery store has been built. The old Rt. 66 road into downtown is now nicely paved with a landscaped center divider and attractive street lights. Reaching 'the corner' I parked a block away and walked back. I saw a new statue...this one of Glenn Frey, the fellow who had formed the Eagles and was half of the writing duo of the now infamous song, Take it Easy. Glenn died in 2016 and the statue was donated just last year. The other half of the writing duo was Jackson Brown. But, I actually got a lump in my throat when I saw that the town - the committee - had added a real life authentic Ford flatbed truck. Parked right there with its 'reflection' on the window (the original mural) as the Eagles' music filled the air from loudspeakers on that corner souvenir store. Honest, it was special.

As I paid for my new t-shirt, I remarked "Isn't it amazing what one line in one song can do?" And she said, "If it were not for the song, this town would have dried up and blown away."


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