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September Birthday Honoree - Bruce Woodall, Val White in Back

Suzi Lucas with Therapy Dog, Ruger

K-Bob's - Jeanette Lowell, Ann Poole and Sue Kendrick

K-Bob's - Visitors Mary McGowan and Suzi Lucas

K-Bob's - Ruth Stehling, Val White and Larry Jaynes

K-Bob's - Betty Wendler, Larry Hemeon and Janie Cummings

K-Bob's - Bruce Woodall, Ethel Fitzgerald and Betty Wendler

K-Bob's - Sue Kendrick, Janie Holcombe and Bruce Woodall

K-Bob's - Mary McGowan, Suzi Lucas, Glenda Alexander and Hal Holder

Saturday Morning Breakfast - Ruth Stehling and Janie Holcombe

Saturday Morning Breakfast - Ethel, Betty, Janie H and Kelli

Wildseed Farm

Wildseed Farm - Janie Holcombe and Larry Hemeon

Wildseed Farm - Glenda Alexander and Janie Holcombe

Wildseed Farm - Pumpkins

Wildseed Farm - Knuckle Heads

Wildseed Farm - Jeanette, Ann, Larry H, Sue and Janie H

Wildseed Farm - Janie Holcombe and Larry Hemeon

Wildseed Farm - Butterfly Garden


This morning our hostess for this campout, Ruth Stehling, arrived a bit early to decorate the club room with little plastic pumpkins and autumn leaves. Annette and I helped her. Then we went to lunch at Wheelers, where we enjoyed a good ham and cheese quiche, green salad and fresh fruit.

Shortly after we returned to the RV park, other members began arriving. Soon we had 19 people, including two first-time visitors – Suzi Lucas of Bryan and Mary McGowan of Grand Prairie. Tonight we had an abundant potluck feast and played table games for a little while.


Tonight we had dinner at K-Bob’s Steakhouse. The food was good but the service was very slow. They were short-handed and I think our lone waiter was new at his job, which compounded the problem. He seemed eager to please, though.

After dinner we had a visitor, Bill, who is a retired Lutheran minister and has been living fulltime in Oakwood RV Resort since his wife’s death two years ago. Mikail had met him earlier in the day and invited him to stop by.


This morning our hostess, Ruth Stehling, cooked breakfast for the entire group, with help from Janie Holcombe and Val White. We had fried eggs, pork chops, potatoes, refried beans, biscuits, muffins and apricot preserves made by Ruth with apricots from her own tree. Bill joined us for breakfast.

After breakfast, Janie Holcombe and I went with Larry Hemeon to the Lady Bird Johnson Park south of town to check out their facilities. It is a nice park with plenty of RV spaces, nature trails, fishing pond, golf and other amenities but the club house is too far away from the RV spaces, so it would not be suitable for a rally.

After that we went to Wildseed Farms, which is about seven miles east of town. It is the nation’s largest working wildflower seed farm. We browsed the shop and ate lunch there. Janie Holcombe and I walked on the trail to the butterfly garden. The perfume from the flowers filled the air. There weren’t many active butterflies at that time of day, though, because it was already a bit too warm for them. We visited a few minutes with a young couple from Singapore, who were visiting Texas for a week. They said it was paradise. The wide open spaces of Texas must have been a major contrast to their “concrete jungle” in their view.

We met up with Ann Poole, Jeanette Lowell and Sue Kendrick at the Farm. There was live music provided by a local group, “Sol Patch.” They play regularly at Luckenbach. We all sat around and listened to the music for a while. The group gave us all a copy of their new CD.

Late this afternoon most of our club members attended a Patsy Cline Tribute Show at the Rockbox Theater. I didn’t go because I’m just not a country music fan. Those who attended the show enjoyed it.

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