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petrified shells

stone furniture

stone furniture

Gem & Minerals Show

Gem & Minerals Show

Gem & Minerals Show

Madagascar tent

natural scenes in rock

stone lamps

stone working equipment

display racks

We visited another one of the forty sites here that are part of the Gem & Mineral show. We walked around for two hours and saw much, but not all of this location. I am left with the feeling that there is a necklace here for every individual living on earth today. A tent as big as a Walmart was full of all sorts of equipment needed in the mining and shaping of rocks. Ken lingered at the small tool tables, tempted by tools he does not own and does not know how to use. A Fillippino vendor had a beautiful display of wooden racks some high end jewelry store could use to display necklaces and bracelets. Others sold the boxes that would contain those necklaces and bracelets at purchase.

Some of the tents were wholesale only. We could have bought 200 pound trays of pyrite or ammonites. An interior designer could have a field day here. Huge chunks of wood with minerals embedded were shaped into dining and coffee tables. Other huge chunks of stone had electric wiring installed and functioned as wall sconces and lamps. Huge slabs of stone that could end up as someone's kitchen counters were also for sale. Stone pieces from Utah were especially impressive. Minerals deposited in the veins looked for all the world like scenes from nature with trees and leaves. Anything you could imagine made of stone is here as well as many more that you never would have imagined. It really makes me stop and think about what's going on beneath my feet.

We're also feeling overwhelmed by our removing the Diamond Shield from the front of the coach project. Nearly every day we spend a few hours with our heat guns turned on scraping and peeling that awful stuff. My finger tips are cracked and bloody from all the tugging, chipping and peeling. People stop by regularly to commiserate and see how we're doing. One even brought us cinnamon rolls. Progress has been made, but the estimate we read that it will take sixty hours to get it all off, is looking more and more on the mark. We should be sitting by the pool or golfing...

And finally we are overwhelmed by how beautiful the weather continues to be. As the rest of the country battles snow and ice storms, it gets gradually warmer and warmer and the sun shines brightly every day. Even removing Diamond Shield is not all that unpleasant in such perfect conditions.

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