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The bridge to AR!

This says it all!

It sure is HOT here!

The Mississippi River to Arkansas is in site. It's 10:50 and still overcast and 88 degrees.

On a lonely road quite long ago,

A trav'ler trod with fiddle and a bow;

While rambling thru the country rich and grand,

He quickly sensed the magic and the beauty of the land.

For the wonder state we'll sing a song,

And lift our voices loud and long.

For the wonder state we'll shout hurrah!

And praise the opportunities we find in Arkansas.

Many years have passed, the trav'lers gay,

Repeat the tune along the highway;

And every voice that sings the glad refrain

Re-echoes from the mountains

to the fields of growing grain


Diamonds are forever! The only active diamond mine in the country is the Crater of Diamonds Mine near Murfreesboro, Pike County, Arkansas. It is a tourist "pay-to-dig mine" where anyone can pay a fee, look for diamonds and keep any that they find. A few hundred carats of diamonds are found there each year.

Country crooners Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich, Tracy Lawrence, and Conway Twitty were all born in Arkansas.

Did you know that Wally World was founded in Bentonville, Arkansas by Sam Walton?

We stopped to fill up Big Blue and the mystery of the second set of camper keys was solved! They were in the doggy suitcase! Neither of us have any idea how they got there! I found them while going to get more dog food for Miss Keely as she just finished what she had. We keep both food and water in the truck for her while we travel. The dishes tuck nicely in between the console and the seats. We are blessed!

It is 95 degrees entering Little Rock, AR. We visited and toured this city a few years back. The Clinton Presidential Library was very impressive. The road to the White House for President Bill Clinton began in Hope, then led to Hot Springs, Fayetteville, and then to Little Rock.

Upon leaving Little Rock it's sunny, 96 degrees and hazy with smoke...there must be a fire somewhere.

We are now entering Prescott, AR the temp is arising...98 degrees! There are only a few clouds now. Did you know that in Little Rock, no person shall sound the horn on a vehicle at any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9:00 p.m.?

Did you know that AR also prohibits moose from being viewed from airplanes? Furthermore, it is against the law to push a live moose out of a moving airplane!

I couldn't resist this one for all our fellow travelers...In Dover, Arkansas, there is an operational double decker outhouse at the Booger Hollow Trading Post. If anyone goes there please take pics!

Okay signing off, that is it for now!

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