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Judith Henry's grave stone

Looking out of the window of the Henry House

Walking the battle field

Abe Lincoln in Penny's

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: bearing all

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Staring into a Crystal Ball

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Big Friend of the Family

Today we drove out of our hotel in Manassas to the battle of the Bull Run National Park. It was crazy to think that young men died on the ground you were standing on. When we were done looking at the park we drove to Washington D.C. where we visited a Smithsonian Natural History museum There we saw many different history items, including the Hope Diamond! There were many different sections in the Smithsonian such as Dinosaurs, Photography, Gems, etc. I learned today that there was only one civilian casualty in the Battle of Bull Run one. Cosmo

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