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Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

A nice beach the name of which I can't recall

Yallingup 9 I think)

Gracie and a little calf


Even more cows

Off to Cape Naturaliste today and not a Naturaliste to be seen anywhere, maybe they don’t come out unless it’s very hot…

Some nice country around here a bit like the NSW South Coast however there is a ‘Cellar Door’ every 500 metres and according to mine host Kevin they aren’t making money from wine but there are tax advantages.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is not as tall as Leeuwin but it’s just as expensive to walk around it so we managed to scam some tickets and had a walk around it, taking pictures as we went. Did I mention Dad makes little lighthouses and sells them at the Craft shop? Big sellers apparently…

We drove in to a cuppla beaches then went back to Dunsborough for a roast chicken lunch @ Chicken Treat, a bit like Red Rooster but a lot better….

On to the MRCF for more free samples and bought a Giant Chocolate Freckle for Blake while stuffing myself full of choc bits.

We also did the ‘Silk Road’ this afternoon and tried some Mulberry tea which was OK but I’ll stick to Billy Tea Campfire Brew I think. They had heaps of silk stuff there as one would expect, not badly priced either.

Then just down the road is the Nut &Cereal farm. Carol bought some nice muesli and I bought some Chutney and Passionfruit Butter. No ‘Blue Hills” to be seen and the South African attendant didn’t know that ‘Blue Hills’ was a popular Aussie Cereal (she is going to see if she can “source some”).

We returned via Cowrabunga and stopped to take some snaps of the Cows.

Then we had a Cuppa and I took Gracie for a walk and bumped into Kevin who said Gracie looked a “Fine specimen - but what breed is she?” I asked for the next question and he said she would be good with sheep; I had to assure him sheep terrified her but if one was in distress in the surf she would retrieve it….

Tomorrow we are off to see the kids and we are asked to handle them so that they get used to being handled.

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