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An early start and a three hour bumpy bus ride ended in Lao Cai before the ride in minibus to our next stop Sapa. We said goodbye to our US pals Mary Ann and Corey as they headed off to China today, whereas we decided to face the elememts and head further north into the mountains proper.

We had fun in the minibus which drove us to Sapa from Lao Cai. We were told minibuses do not leave for their destination until the bus is full. This was the case. We drove round the town for an hour looking for possible trippers. Eventually the bus filled up and we were on our way.

Arriving in Sapa was a shock to the system. It was freezing cold, raining and misty, so bad that we could hardly see what was in front of us. A GH was quickly chosen, we couldn't complain at $4 for a large room with hot water.

The afternoon was spent strolling around the town, checking out the sights. The main one being ethnic minorities from surrounding villages slightly hassling foreign tourists to buy their goods. This was one thing we had not experienced for the last few days and something we hoped to avoid here. The tourist boom seems to have had it's effect and the local people, especially children are the driving force for sales in the town. Though it's a little disappointing that this is the case, the people dress in the traditional outfits and provide some colour to Sapa.

Daylight disappearred quickly and because the town seems to shut down early it appears much later than it actually is. We decided to head back to the GH after some much needed food and enjoy a few games of cards before hitting the sack. We need a good rest as trekking looms tomorrow.

Day 45 complete

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