Northeast and Maritime Canada 2011 travel blog

Tim and Susan at the Bluenose 2 Work Site

The Bluenose 2 Rebuild

Susan and Andy Look at the Work

A Close Up of the New Hull Planking

A View Across Lunenburg Harbor

Beautiful Windows in the Anglican Church

Other Windows

The Sanctuary

Another Harbor View

Colorful Downtown Lunenburg

Lunenburg Academy

Our Lunch Spot

Looking Back Across to Lunenburg

Mahone Bay--See the Church Steeples

A Local Character--OK Take the Photo!

Our friends in Halifax, Andy and Linda Lovasi came out to visit on Tuesday evening and planned a day out on Thursday. We met Andy and Linda at the 2009 Montana Owner's Rally in Kerrville -- we were the Wagon Masters. We had a great week in Kerrville and looked forward to seeing them in the future.

The future showed up today. We had a wonderful tour of the beautiful countryside around Halifax and ended up in Lunenburg. This is an old shipbuilding and fishing village down the coast from Peggy's Cove. The day was sunny and cool--great for touring with friends. When we got to town, we found out that we could watch the rebuilding of the sailing vessel Bluenose II. It is a wooden sailing vessel that was very fast and is famous in this area of the world. You can watch the rebuild on webcams at It is really interesting to watch this process.

Around town we saw some beautiful churches, brightly painted buildings and a picture perfect waterfront. A luxury yacht--VF-15 was in port. It is owned by the billionaire who owns Enterprise Rental Cars--it has a crew of 9, is 160 feet long, and capable of going to Europe on one fill-up. Of course it costs about $60,000 to fill it up! Yes--it is for sale--$38.5 million.

After a great seafood lunch on the waterfront, we went to Mahone Bay for ice cream and more great views. It was great to have Andy driving because he knew the roads and the most interesting sites in the area. As the day came to an end, we visited Andy and Linda's beautiful townhome--with great views of the Bedford Basin--part of the Halifax harbor.

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