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We are still in Seward, AK. A free day and lots to do in this quaint nautical town. The weather forecast is for rain off and on all day today and by the look of the skies, it will be so all day. I have turned the corner with my cold but Lyn is now is his fourth day of his cold and feeling lousy this morning. So we will just start out and see how far we get today. Drove into town shortly before noon and parked in front of Ray's Waterfront Diner. We notoiced another Cruise ship was in town the "Statendom", we think was the name. Anyway,we decided to have lunch at Ray's and we were seated at a table seaside side and enjoyed nice, hot cups of seafood chowder and fish and chips (red snapper). Thus fortified, we walked around some of the nearby shops. All looking; no buying. Then we drove to the Alaska Sealife Center. Alaska's only Aquarium, and a research facility. A magnificent building, nicely maintained and designed to accommodate large crowds. We saw a lot of the birds and fish that we had seen on our cruise yesterday only up much more close and personal. Sat through a 15 minute slide show talk by an interpreter regarding the research currently being done at the Center on the endangered stellar sea lions. They capture juvenile sea lions, check them out to be sure they are healthy, attach satellite monitors on them and then release them back into the wild. So far they have discovered that they are mostly being eaten by the Orca whales. Later, we saw a nice sized Stellar Sea Lion in her/his own aquarium where it swam around and around to our enjoyment. You could see it's eye and underbelly up close and many were taking pictures and videos of it. There was an enclosure with a pond and rocks that contained many of the birds we saw yesterday. I especially enjoyed seeing the puffins so close I could almost touch them....they are so cute and make me smile when I look at them. Throughout the exhibits they had DVD's playing of the various sea life (otters, porpoises, whales) with seats where you could relax and enjoy. Of course, their gift shop was very nice with many of the talented Alaskan artists wares displayed. We needed just a few supplies so stopped at a Safeway. The Exit Glacier at Kenai Fjords National Park was sort of on the way back to our campground so we took the extra 8 miles each way , as Lyn was feeling a little stronger. We opted for the .5 mile walking trail view option to see the glacier which was fine. After seeing the Holgate Glacier up so close yesterday, we were happy to take this short walk to see it. Back to camp with our usual cocktail hour, a light supper and early to bed for both of us.

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