2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

We are back home at Tybee and looking forward to sleeping in our bed again! It's great to be here and see the ocean again!

What a memorable journey this has been!!

We stayed in so many different settings - beside beautiful lakes, in the desert, on mountains, in plains, next to interstates, in remote locations far from major highways. We enjoyed them all.

We saw Texas Longhorns, elk, bighorn sheep, bison, pronghorn antelope, deer, mule deer, common loons, chipmunks, and all kinds of birds and vegetation not seen at home. The scenery in New Mexico, the rocky mountains and in the black hills was spectacular. We enjoyed crossing the plains in Iowa and Illinois and seeing all of the corn. We enjoyed being back in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee and Georgia.

The highlights of the trip were visiting with my brother Joe's family in Albuquerque, camping with Andrea's family in Minnesota, and camping with Adam's family in Georgia.

This was a trip we will always remember.

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