Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

The Ti at brother Chip's in Ohio

A Berlin Heights sunset

Really red now!

Bob and Taco...resting their eyes

Taco, Bob and Nellie ... resting their whole bodies!

A huge fungi Chip and I came across while geocaching

Mike, one of Chip's fishing buddies

Mike and Chip

A beautiful, elegant old grand dame of a house

One of the many neat old buildings in Sandusky OH

Tree grew right around the rock

A lovely memorial

At a Senior Center dinner. Chip was a cow.


Off we go to Ohio to visit my brother and do a go-round with our annual doctor visits. Left Camp Eriez at 10:45 and arrived at my brother’s at 1:77…crossing into Ohio at 11:06. Total of 141 miles. . Ran over to Sandusky to get a 30-amp cable and 30-to-15 amp reducer (also picked up a new Vizio TV!) so we could plug into their electric. We’re also hooked into their Direct TV so we’re all set. Didn’t do much this evening except relax.


We have a leak somewhere around the window next to Bob’s chair so Bob did some caulking around the top…right before the rains came today. Rained all day so we didn’t get to do any geocaching. I sure hope Bob’s caulk job fixed the leak!! Played with the TV setup today, trying to get the Wii to work. Didn’t succeed so will work on it some more tomorrow.


Well, Bob’s caulk job might have worked but it wasn’t where the leak was and we’ve been having some strong rains the last couple of days so the floor is rather wet indeed. Pulled his chair out from that area and put a heater there in hopes of drying it up a bit before the next rains hit. The source of leaks is so hard to find. I’d like to just take it to an RV place that is equipped with the machine that blows smoke or something into the walls and where that leaks out, that’s where the water goes in. Don’t know if there’s such a place around here, though.

Tuesday was one of our “doctor days”. Bob spent the morning at the town library then I picked him up for our dual appointment with our internist and while we were waiting to be seen, I walked down the hall and made an appointment for the “squish test” and further down the hall to make an appointment with a gynecologist…mainly because I don’t remember seeing one of those critters since 2005 or so. Played “Greed” this evening with Bonnie, Chip and Seth (grandson).

Took Bob to the library again today then Chip and I spent the afternoon playing Wii. We had an absolute blast! Bob made dinner for everyone tonight and it was good. Afterwards, back to the house and just some relaxing.

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