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Leaving McBride - still raining!

Sinking into a puddle of clouds. . .

beautiful mountain up there somewhere

we can see about 1/2 of Mt. Robson!

Bad photo, but I just love all the different shades of green!

Not liking this so much ...

this is kinda interesting

wolf (or coyote) moving fast

enough w/the clouds already

Athabasca Falls - cars on the road on river's edge

can feel the power as the water rushes over the rocks

off to the side, a slower fall

looking into the canyon below the falls

out to the river

a little workout for the knees!

but so pretty

a different view

love it!

and over it goes

view from a distance

this is just too much!

I like clouds - but I like mountains better!

there's lots of snow up there

from here looks like lots of snow, it is very far away...

The Ice Fields - always interesting. Can park at the bottom (see...

another glacier to the left

can climb up the path to the top of the glacier -...

couldn't believe the parking lot - yeah, it's still raining too!

the next door glacier - road the snow buses take to top...

trees only go so far up, then nothing but rock

a very pretty spot - very high cliff!

signs of rock slides & avalances

some sunshine would make this a much prettier place!

looks a little brighter here

uhmm, maybe not!

there's a hint of the amazing blue water!

I can see the top of one!

amazing amounts of snow hanging up there.

talk about a sweeping view . . .

I see blue! Looks like the mountain is falling apart!

road construction - fancy bridges for the critters!

fruit is pretty high in Lake Louise - I'll wait thanks. ....

a bright spot in our gloomy day

pretty flowers at Lake Louise - some had been hit by frost!

a not so beautiful Lake Louise!

View out one of the Chateu's windows - think they need to...

Love the big potted plants - this is huge!

A local - think he's checkiing the number of people walking past.

Ski Hill as we are leaving Lake Louise - look, blue sky...

There's a black bear on the hill side!

time to go . . .

didn't show up very well, but there's a rainbow there. . .

almost to Canmore

and another rainbow!

lots of mountain peaks

The Three Sisters

The Bus in Canmore

Contemplating, does he want French Fires fixed in a Thai wagon???

1 bunny

2 bunnies

3 bunnies


It's hug a tree night!

5, 6, 7 bunnies + lots more

The 3 Sisters as the sun is going down

1 of the little streams

We got an early start this morning - no big surprise there. It rained all night & most of the day. We saw parts of the beautiful mountains we were traveling thru, mostly we saw big dark clouds!!! We drove thru Jasper & Banff - wow, have they ever changed since our last visit - much bigger & busier - didn't recognise much. We arrived in Canmore for the nite - the main part of town hasn't changed much, but our campground has: name, set-up, even the entry is different. They've built a whole village of shops & condos where the park used to start! The beautiufl Three Sisters Mountains still loom over us tho - that's good! Temperatures today were pretty good - cold at the Icefields, but we expected that.

The road is good, with very lite traffic - except for big logging trucks for most of the day. There is major road construction going on after Jasper - it will be a major highway w/bike path along the fence when they are done. Right now it really looks ugly. We are always amazed at the big bridges they make for the animals to cross the road safely! The big cities were just packed - looks like they are doing well! There's also been many big changes at Lake Louise - would hardly recognize it either! VERY busy place (it always was, but now it feels more like a big city).

We lost an hour at Jasper - now we are only 2 different from home (mountain time - MT) Gas is getting cheaper - $1.01 today - but that's for a liter - close to $5/gal! But that isn't any higher than it was 4 yrs ago when we were here. Ron has been very happy with gas prices overall - a couple of times we had to pay $1.35/liter - that hurt! What has increased is the cost of campgrounds - but we have found a few very nice ones for under $30.

We stopped at AthabascaFalls, missed Sunwapra (2 of my all time favorites!). We drove Hwy 1A - have seen some beautiful elk there in years past - nothing today!

As we were leaving Lake Louise the sun came out for a half hour or so - glad to see it, but the timing was sure bad. Lake Louise & the Bow River are just not the same w/o that sun's help. Looking at my photos, it's hard to explain the super shades of blue & green that SHOULD be seen. We did see 2 different rainbows just before we pulled into Canmore, that was really nice.

When we were here before, Ron got some really good french fries at a school bus in town - so before we checked into the campground we drove thru the busy downtown area & found the bus - unfortunately they only sell ice cream now. But sorrow turned to joy when he found out the Thai "wagon" right across the lot sold fries. So for $6+ he got a giant order & rated them almost as good as the originals!

Last time we were here I heard a lot of yelling & excitement. My 1st thought was that it was a moose as they were fairly frequent visitors. I grabbed my camera & started looking around. Following the direction everyone was looking I spotted something way up high in the sky -- a brightly colored small tent had been caught up & carried away on the mountain winds! Never saw that before - or since!

Then we got set up at Spring Creek RV Park (the name has changed since we were here before). There are 2 spring fed streams that run on 2 sides of the park - very pretty! They have grass, rest rooms are ok, showers cost $1, overall a very nice park. One thing that is new is that they are overrun w/rabbits - they are everywhere! We were only here for a few minutes when we remembered 1 thing from before, the train runs just the other side of one stream - it's good to be as far away as possible as there are lots of trains thru here in a day! We love looking at the 3 Sisters Mountain peaks, they are beautiful. We called about noon to see about getting a camp site - they were full except for this little one - in the trees - the hook-ups are backwards - but it is away from the track - so it's ok.

It's late now, darkness has surrounded us - and those cotton-picken rain drops are falling on our roof again! Enough all ready!!!

Critter count:

Traveled thru a lot of elk/moose/deer areas - nothing to be seen!!!

Saw a grizzly near the road, but couldn't get a picture as he kept down in a gully.

Saw a wolf - or coyote - just as we were entering Hwy 1A - kinda got a photo of him

Then we stopped to get a good look at a black bear a ways from the hwy - I was able to get a far away shot of him, then he started moving down the hill, eating little tidbits as he moved - I was able to get a really good shot of him w/zoom (I was not that close to him)!

Tomorrow, I am sure we will be up early again - Ron plans to be in Montana tomorrow nite! He can hardly wait - me, not so much! I'd love to see more of these mountains in the sunshine - but we are headed for Yellowstone maybe we'll see some there! Look out friends - we (& probably the rain) are heading your way!

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