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I woke up this morning feeling sore and achy all over. My muscles just are not used to working so hard. The fishing trip was a chance of a lifetime and I am glad that I did it. I can’t imagine flying up here just to go out and fish but lots of people do. I am glad to be able to say that I did it once and I am glad that it is over with.

We managed to sleep in a little bit this morning. Right away Evelyn put me to work, sore as I was. I stripped the bed and pillows so she could wash. Our queen size bed takes up every square inch of the rear of the RV. It is so tight on three sides that it requires lots of muscle to tilt the mattress enough to get the sheets and blankets tucked or untucked. I was pooped by the time I had all the stuff off.

Then after breakfast Evelyn brought the clean sheets back and the job started all over again. At least she helped me this time. However, her side is easy because she has to have the things on top of her loose so she can curl up and cuddle under them. I, on the other hand, can’t sleep if the covers are loose and have to have them tucked in. Thus I have the bigger job.

Hard as it may seem to believe, I took the rest of the day to get caught up on my journaling. I know that some of you think I do a sloppy job of writing, but I try hard and this is what you get. I would love to have the time to proofread and edit more, but I need to spend time doing, not just writing about it.

While I was on the computer, Evelyn decided to go for a walk. She walked down to The Salty Dawg Saloon. Just in case there is one other individual out there [besides me] that does not recognize the name, let me explain. There is a TV series called the “Deadliest Catch” about commercial crabbing out of the port of Homer. The ship “Time Bandit” which is stationed here is part of the show. Co-captains Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand are now local celebrities. When the ship gets back to port the crew apparently spends a lot of time at the Salty Dawg. According to the Homer Visitor’s Guide: “Some say if you haven’t at least walked through the Dawg, you haven’t experienced Homer.”

Tonight we had our fish fry. Terry and Pat and helpers deep fat fried our extra halibut and some French fries. Each of the couples brought a side dish to share. We had more food than necessary, but I think that more people are eating bigger portions. A lot of food disappeared tonight. The fish was delicious. I think that the frying oil adds flavor to the fish. Now it is off to bed on a very full stomach.

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