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This is one of those days when it is hard to have a blog as I don’t know what to write. We are just going day-to-day – enjoying life. Nothing exciting is happening.

We arrived Sunday at the Elks and got set up and then packed up the truck with dirty laundry and computers and headed for our daughter’s house. We stayed there until Wed. night when we brought our clean laundry and computers back to the RV. In the meantime we got the dings fixed on the truck and ate some wonderful food at her house.

Now we are here at the RV, going to have the oil changed in the truck, fix the water heater over flow valve and go pick up some propane. Isn’t that exciting???

Friday we will go back to our daughter’s house to celebrate her 39th birthday. It’s making me feel really old to have my youngest on the cusp of her 40’s. Especially when I remember I was 30 when she was born. UGH!!!

Anyway – have a good rest of the week and we will see you on Sunday.

PS: If you want to see something funny check this out

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