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After six nights in the MCD parking lot, the new day/night shades are finally installed. This family owned company takes great pride in its product and in pleasing their customers. Many current RV's come with their shades already installed and they have large contracts with businesses like Dunkin' Donuts as well. Because the owner of the company is an RV'er, he knew that the old style curtains did not wear well and did not provide day time privacy. His coach was parked in the lot near by and he used it to demonstrate his product to us. I would enthusiastically recommend these shades for any newer coach, but we came with some inherent problems which made the installation much more challenging and our labor costs significantly higher. Ideally, the shade is one piece which extends across the windshield and with one press of the button, you can lower a screen which allows you to see out or a solid piece for the evening.

Because our coach was built before flat panel screens, we have an enormous cabinet in the center of our wind shield which used to house the old style TV. This cabinet would block the flat shade from coming down smoothly and we ended up with three panels to make the bend. Since there are three panels for day and three panels for night, six motors had to be installed and coordinated so that the shades work together. It's all quite complicated and hopefully will continue to work as well as it did when we pulled out of the parking lot.

After the last two weeks in remote west Texas, it felt like we were at home in the suburban environment north of Dallas. If there's an economic recession, you wouldn't know it around here. The area was packed with shopping centers of all sorts and one restaurant after another. There were enclosed malls, open air malls, and one that had apartments sprinkled between the stores and was an attempt at a hometown feeling where you could leave your car parked and walk to the stores and restaurants. None of the store fronts were shuttered and the restaurants were doing well. Perhaps all that $$ we are paying for fuel these days has improved the lives of folks around here.

We played golf, saw a few movies, and visited with local friends we first met at a gas station near here. They asked us about RV'ing and we talked and talked that first day. Now we make a point of dropping in to see them and their gorgeous home on 35 acres of land every time we are in the area. They are interested in RV'ing, but their home is so fine, we can understand why they have trouble tearing themselves away.

The week in the parking lot was comfortable and necessary, but we're ready to return to nature.

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