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Camp Newmar - Our Coach and Towns' 5th Wheel

Customer Lounge at Newmar Service Dept.

Farmers Market

Interior of Framer's Market - 3 floors of shops and food booths.

Missionary Church, Nappanee, IN

Missionary Church

We arrived in Napannee at "Camp Newmar" on Saturday afternoon. We were surprised to see how many other coaches and 5th wheels were there. We picked a spot and got hooked up. Our appointment was for Tuesday. We spent Sunday driving around the area and checking the whole coach out to be sure we had everything that was wrong on our list. Most of the items were small but we came up with 18 things to be either checked or fixed. On Monday afternoon Alvin came out and went over the list with us and we were able to show him the issues. We had two more day/night shades that needed to be restrung. Alvin told us they would take the coach in Monday afternoon and he would start working on the estimate and have the two shades taken off. We could come to the office Tues. a.m. and pick them up and bring them to the shade manufacturing company in Goshen to have them restrung and when we brought them back Newmar would rehang them for us. At that time he hoped to have the estimate ready. They wouldn't start work on it until we approved the estimate. Monday afternoon we left and checked in to a motel for a couple of nights. Had we chosen to stay in the coach, we would have had to have it all disconnected and closed up by 6:00 a.m. each morning and not gotten it back until 3:00 p.m. We thought it would be easier on us and the mechanics if they could just keep it in the garage until it was done. We got our estimate on Tuesday and it was very reasonable and we ok'd the work to be done. He told us he would put two mechanics on it since he knew we were trying to make it to Fort Drum before Carl left for Afghanistan (which we thought was going to be Sunday). The coach was finished on Wednesday afternoon but the bill wouldn't be ready until Thursday morning. Alvin sat down with us Thursday morning and went over each item on our list and explained what they did to correct it. We were very impressed with the diligence and speed in which everything was accomplished. The service office has a very nice lounge with a TV and vending machines as well as literature & maps for things to do in the area. The two girls in the office, Brenda for service and Jeannie for parts were very friendly and helpful. This was our first experience with dealing with the service dept. at Newmar. We were very impressed.

On Wednesday afternoon Brad was out wiping down the coach and I was inside reading when a 5th wheel pulled in. It looked familiar and when the driver got out, we realized it was Richard & Marcella Towns from MA. We have known them for several years through the Newmar Kountry Klub but had never spent that much time with them. We made arrangements to go out to breakfast with them on Thursday, thinking we were leaving Thursday a.m. Thursday it was raining and I called Carl to see what their plans were for Friday - we thought we might be able to catch up with them and see him before he left. He told me that plans had changed and they were actually leaving that day. Brad and I each got to talk to him to say good-bye even though we were disappointed we didn't get to see him. Since we weren't going to get there in time to see him, we decided to stay over another day and not drive in the rain. Richard, Marcella, Brad and I went over to Shipshewana to sightsee and then stopped at a huge Farmers Market (they sold a lot more than food) It was a very pleasant day. We both liked the Nappanee area a lot. The pace is very laid back. There are a lot of Amish in the area. In addition to the buggies that were everywhere there were also a lot of them riding bicycles - even riding the bicycles pulling a two wheel cart. Unlike in other Amish areas we've been in, the people here all seem to mix together more. In many of the restaurants we would see Amish, Menonite and secular working side by side. There are more churches in Nappanee than I think I've seen anywhere else. We went by one that was absolutely huge....The Missionary Church. They have 5 services each Sunday. Vicki, the girl in the Kountry Klub office told us she attends worship there. We asked how large the Sanctuary or Worship Center is and she told us it would seat about 2,000.

We're off tomorrow morning for Geneva on the Lake in Ohio.

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